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Save the land of Clay Jam from the fearsome Bully Beasts in this fun-packed action game. Guide Fat Pebble as he rolls down five weird and wonderful hills in a world made entirely from clay! Squash monsters on the way, and he'll grow and grow and GROW! Get all the way to the bottom of the hill and meet the nasty Bully Beasts. Can you collect enough clay to free the monsters and save Clay Jam?!


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Please note that this game is free and you can play it without spending any money. If you want, though, you can buy extra clay through In App Purchases and save Clay Jam even sooner!


● EVERYTHING is made from real clay

● A unique 'gouge' control system

● Lots of peculiar characters to meet

● Squash, roll and bounce down the hills

● More than 20 hand-made monsters to find

● 5 amazingly strange hills to rebuild

● 5 fearsome Bully Beasts to defeat

● Brilliantly original music

● Fantastically funny sound effects

● Family-friendly weirdness           


Clay Jam works on iPhone (3Gs and later), iPad (all iPads) and 
iPod touch (3G and later) and runs on iOS 4.3 or later.

Clay Jam FAQs

What am I supposed to do? 

The aim of the game is to rebuild all of the hills and monsters in Clay Jam. To do this you need to collect clay by rolling down a hill and squashing things. Everything you squash gives you some clay.

You also need to beat the Bullly Beasts who are the big creatures that live at the bottom of each hill. You do this by knocking into them and sending them flying as far as you can. See how far you can fling them and beat your best distance.

How do I control the pebble?

You don't control Fat Pebble directly. Instead you make 'gouges' in the clay ground with your finger. If you make a gouge in front of Fat Pebble, he'll roll into it and follow the path of the gouge.

What do I do with the clay I get?

Take your clay to the yellow monster with the red nose. His name's Jiggery von Pokery and you'll find him in the menu screens. He loves to make things out of clay. Here you'll be able to make new hills, build your hills higher, create monsters and get Power Plays.

Why can't I squash some things? 

You may find that you can't squash some of the things you see as you roll down the hill. That's because they're too big at the time. Anything that's too big will have a big, glowing exclamation mark on top of it.

Every time you squash something, Fat Pebble gets bigger. You need to be a certain size to squash some things. If you find that something's too big to squash, try rolling over some smaller things first and then coming back. You'll eventually learn how much clay it takes to squash the various monsters and obstacles in Clay Jam.

Who are the big monsters at the bottom of a hill?

They are the nasty Bully Beasts. They came to Clay Jam a long time ago and sucked away all the clay from the hills and ate the monsters. You need to defeat them in order to save Clay Jam. There are five Bully Beasts - one for each of the hills - and they're called Wonderbeard, Bung-it-in Billy, Margo, No-Body Nose and Ishihara. Your best distance for each Bully Beast is shown on the "Best" sign post at the start of the game. See if you can beat it!

How do I knock the Bully Beasts further?

The bigger you are, the further you will knock the Bully Beasts, so you need to squash as many things as you can and grow really big. To get to the largest sizes you need to make sure your hill is as tall as possible and you've made all the monsters to go on the hill. Power Plays also help a lot.

You can also give Fat Pebble a boost once you're near the bottom of the hill. By flicking him really fast you can make him go so fast that smoke trails come off him. If you flick him fast enough, he'll burst into flames! This boost will help to knock the Bully Beasts further.

I can't seem to get very big. Why not? 

There are a few things that you need to do to make sure you grow as large as possible... The first thing is to explore and make sure you squash as many monsters as you can. You also need to make as many monsters as you can by visiting Jiggery von Pokery. This will make a big difference. Finally, you need to make your hill as tall as possible (visit Jiggery von Pokery). This will give you a lot more things to squash.

How do I make more monsters?

You need to visit Jiggery von Pokery. He's the yellow chap with the red nose that you can see on some of the menu screens. He loves to make things out of clay. As you win clay, take it to him and see what he can make. You might be able to make a new monster, increase the size of your hill or get a new Power Play.

Why do some monsters take more clay to make? 

There are many different monsters in Clay Jam, some bigger some smaller. The bigger monsters need more clay to make. They also generally give you more clay when you then squash them. You may also notice that monsters come in different colors. Different colored monsters require different amounts of clay to make and also give you different amounts of clay when squashed.

How do I go faster? 

The main way of going faster is by getting bigger. The bigger you are, the faster you'll go, so squash as many things as you can. You can also give Fat Pebble a short speed boost by swiping your finger as fast as you can when gouging. Fat Pebble gets a boost from these gouges - the faster you are while making the gouge, the faster the boost will be. Gouge boosts are useful for dodging things and getting out of tight situations.

Is this the only hill I can roll down?

No! There are five hills to build in Clay Jam, each with their own monsters and Bully Beast. They are all very different so make sure you try them all. You need to rebuild all five hills to save Clay Jam. You can find all of the hills on the main menu screen.

Is this as big as the hill gets?

You can make hills bigger! Each hill has five different stages of growth, and you can use clay to increase the size of a hill.

Why is there a clay avalanche chasing me?!

The Bully Beasts will do everything in their powers to stop you. Whenever you roll down their hill, they'll suck as much clay as they can down the hill to try to squash you. You need to make it down the hill before the clay avalanche catches up with you or its Game Over.

I really need some more clay... how do I get some more?

You can collect clay within the game by squashing monsters. However, if you want to get clay more quickly you can visit the online shop. You'll see the shop button on most of the menu screens - press it and you'll be able to buy extra clay for real money. If it's not your money you're spending, please make sure that you get the permission of whoever's money it is before buying anything. Even if it is your money, make sure you know what it is you're buying before you make a purchase.

I've just won a Power Play! What's that then?

Power Plays can be very useful. They can help you get a big haul of clay and they make it easier to get down the hill in one piece.

Power Plays are linked to individual hills. So for example if you manage to get one for Beardy's Bluff, that's the only hill you can use it on. You activate a Power Play by pressing the Power Play button at the start of a game. If you don't press it quickly, the button will disappear. Don't worry - you can always use the Power Play next time.

When you trigger a Power Play, several Power Pills (see below) are fired out all over the level. The bigger your hill, the more Power Pills there'll be. If you manage to collect a Power Pill, it will trigger a special power.

What are Power Pills? 

Power Pills appear on a hill when you activate a Power Play (see above). Each Power Pill triggers a special power if you roll over it.

There are three different types of Power Pill:

- Clay Boost - gives you a clay jacket, increasing the amount of clay you have and making you bigger.

- Flaming Pebble - this is a temporary power that makes you faster and doubles the amount of clay you get for squashing things.

- Shrink - this is a temporary power that shrinks down all the creatures and obstacles so they're small enough to squash.

How do I get Power Plays?

You can get Power Plays in a few different ways... You can use some clay and get Jiggery von Pokery to make them for you. You can win them by knocking the Bully Beasts far enough. The monsters will club together and get you a Power Play at certain points in the game.

How do I complete the game?

You can complete the game and save Clay Jam by:

1)      - Rebuilding all of the hills

2)      - Making all of the monsters for every hill

Who's the yellow chap with the red nose?

He's Jiggery von Pokery and he's very mysterious! There are rumors that he created the world of Clay Jam using bits of belly button fluff. He loves to make things out of clay, and can create all sorts of things for you if you bring him enough clay.

He turned up just as hope was fading that Clay Jam could ever be saved and brought the hero, Fat Pebble, with him. Together, they're hoping they can save the world!

Fat Pebble
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