How to obtain a Fox Cannon

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Howdy Pioneers!

In order to complete part 4 (The Hideout) of the 37X37 homestead expansion, you will need a Fox Cannon.

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If you do not have a fox cannon yet, here is how you get one:

  1. Purchase a foundry in the market.
  2. Place the foundry on your homestead and complete building it.
  3. Start this series by purchasing the Varmint Cannon mission at the Market (in the Special menu). 

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4. Complete the series of varmint missions (you will also obtain the ability to purchase Snake and Groundhog cannons). 

  • Build a Foundry
  • What We Need is a Snake Cannon
  • Seriously It is a Cannon that Shoots Snakes
  • Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal
  • FrontierVille Fox Hunt Mission allows you to buy a Fox Cannon in the Foundry

HINT: Once you have your Fox Cannon, tending to geese is a good way to spawn foxes on your homestead.


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