Players Experiencing Loading problems

Wed Jan 28 08:29:20 EST 2015 240
Hi Shooters!​

We are getting reports from players that they are unable to load their game.  Some players see a stalled loading bar and some are seeing a white screen. 

Note:  If the game isn't loading for you, first try to see if switching off the Facebook Secure Browsing will fix it.

To turn it off, go into the Facebook settings, and then click on 'Account Settings'.

  Click on 'Security'.  Next to the 'Secure Browsing' item, Click on 'Edit'.

Remove the check from the checkbox. Click on 'Save Changes'.

Reload the Bubble Safari Ocean game and see if it loads up.

If you're still getting a loading failure, kindly supply us with the following information:

1. Please describe the issue as best you can. What do you see when the loading fails?  
2. What Browser/OS/Flash Version are you using?  You can find the Flash Version quickly by coping and pasting this URL into your browser: 
3. What is your connection speed and internet service provider?
4. Are you seeing an error message while loading the game? If so, what is the error message or number that you see? 

We apologize about this and we are in the process of working on a solution.  This information will help us.

Bubble Safari Ocean Player Support

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