Tips and Tricks

Wed Jan 28 08:30:00 EST 2015 19
Hi Shooters!
Here are some Tips and Tricks to help you out:

  • There is no need to clear all the Bubbles; all you need to do is free all the Crab Babies to beat the level.
  • Drop diamonds 3 consecutive times and get 3 Bubble Frenzy that will drop almost everything that you hit.
  • Earning points also helps fill the Boost Bubble. When the reel is full, click “Spin” and you’ll earn a Bonus Bubble to either use now or save for later. If you don’t like the Bubble you’ve received you can pay cash to spin the Boost Bubble again.
  • Get help from your friends by clicking on “Bubbles from Friends – Get some”.  You can ask each friend once every 18 hours.
  • Extended Aim guides are very helpful for exact placement of banked shots. They are worth the cost
  • Be careful of the left-hand side On-Demand Powerups. It is very easy to click on them accidentally while lining up a high bank shot.

As we collect more tips and tricks, we'll post them here!

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