Current Issues and Bugs

Thu Jan 29 05:06:50 EST 2015 135
Listed below are some of the current issues the CastleVille Game studio is actively investigating and working towards resolution. If you are experiencing any of the below issues, we recommend you click through the article and then click on "Vote to Fix" as an alternative to contacting support.   
We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your cooperation as we work with the CastleVille Game studio to resolve these issues.

Issues Recently Fixed

  • Neighbors Not Appearing for Visits
  • Neighbors - Not Populating in Ladder
  • CastleVille - Xtra Strong Cleanser not available and Purple Moss Not Clearing?
  • CastleVille - Crafting Spells causes OOS Errors
  • Gremlin Quests are showing as locked
  • The Gremlin Village is coming!
  • Is Your Spellbook Mysteriously Locked?
  • Persistent "Saving Game" Popups Getting In Your Way?
  • Not Receiving Yulefest Party Favors when visiting a neighbor's Yulefest Party
  • Craft & Feed button will change into a Buy & Feed button on Phoenixes
  • Quests are showing as Locked - Ready to Shack Up
  • Gifts Envelope Empty
  • New Level Cap of 70!
  • Unable to get Toadstools in Fairy Portal 
  • What is Captcha and why am I seeing It? 
  • Unsink Spell for Slippers causes Players to "Lose the Magic" 
  • Ice Pick of Charm grayed out
  • Kitchen not counting?
  • George's Pump It Up Quest Missing
  • Dream Catcher Collection
  • Can't Open Gift Envelope

CastleVille Player Support

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