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Howdy Farmers!

Occasionally, we receive reports from players that they are getting "You Have another Window Open" message when they are trying to open FarmVille 2. 

We know that you most likely don't have FarmVille 2 open in another window!

This message comes up when Zynga is having temporary network connection problems. It means that there are temporary technical issues between your computer and ours.

This message does not indicate that your game is being played by anyone else. It doesn't mean that your account has been hacked. Your account's security is not compromised, so rest assured  that when you can play the game again, it will be in the same state as before.

When these types of network outages happen, our support teams are always automatically notified.  Because there is very little that our support agents can do in this situation, your best course of action is to try to play FarmVille 2 in a later time.

At some point, this message will be changed to something more accurate. 

If you would like to inform us that you are having this problem at the moment, drop us a note here to let us know about the issue.  This form is designed to count FarmVille 2 players that are affected by the outage.  Because these messages won't get responses, you should only use this form for instances where you get this 'another window' message. 

Thank you!

FarmVille 2 Player Support

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