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How do I block or report naughty zFriends?
Zynga is designed to be a fun place for you to play with your friends and make new game friends. While we hope that everyone may get along, we know that sometimes people act like jerks. If someone is being a jerk you are free to block, remove, or report them. Here’s how: 

  • Remove. On the zFriend’s profile page, click the link under their profile picture. 
    • Removing a zFriend does not remove them as a game neighbor. That still must be done through the individual games
  • Report/Block. If you find something offensive, flag it by placing you cursor over the content and clicking on the Flag that appears.
  • Who can see what? There are two different levels of privacy. From exhibitionist to paranoiac, we’ve got you covered. Just click the "Privacy" link under your Profile picture to adjust.
  • How do I change my privacy settings? Click the “Pivacy” link under your profile picture. This will take you the Privacy page, where you can make your selections.
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