All Games: How to use Zynga Game Cards

Tue Oct 20 12:30:41 UTC 2015 70

This article will show how to redeem your Zynga Game Card or eCard on your account.  Redeem Tab is currently available for the following Web games:

 •  FarmVille
 •  FarmVille 2
 •  Bubble Safari
 •  CastleVille
 •  ChefVille
 •  Mafia Wars
 •  CityVille
 •  Zynga Poker (eCards will not work)

To redeem your Zynga Game Card follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Redeem Tab in the game.

2. Click on the Redeem Tab or Link:

Note: The game card link appears in different places, depending on the game.

Below are screenshots that display the Redeem Tab for "FarmVille 2"

3. Enter the 10-digit pin code that is located on the back of the card, into the "pin code" field:

• Scratch the pink box to retrieve your PIN Code.

4. Click on "Next Step" and complete the instructions. Please Note:  You may have to wait up to 2 hours after the purchase and activation of your Game Card for the PIN to be properly activated.

Thank you

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