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Howdy Farmers!

Listed below are some of the current issues that the FarmVille Game studio is actively investigating and working towards resolution. For walkthroughs, how to's, and feature guides, please visit the official FarmVille Blog and Feature Guides & How To's pages!

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Current Issues

 Recently Resolved (Thank you for Voting!)
  • 04/15 - Market Stall shows as grey circle when placed on Mediterranean Farm
  • 04/15 - Has your Mediterranean Riviera Garage shrank?
  • 04/09 - Are your crafted Picnic Tables not counting on the Leaderboard Challenge?
  • 04/01 - Getting Storage Cellar instead of Animal Feed?
  • 04/01 - Bluebonnet Seed Package Missing from Market
  • 04/01 - Is your Animal building capacity showing less than its expanded capacity?
  • 04/01 - Combine in Hawaiian Paradise is not working?
  • 03/27 - Has your Total Sales for Equinox Farmstand reverted back to 0?
  • 03/18 - Is your Day 1 for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations not progressing?

Did you find information about that pesky bug that you are seeing on your Farm? In case you need more information check the How to report Game Bugs page to find more details on how to report bugs affecting your Farm. Want to harvest more information? Visit the FarmVille Help Center and find useful articles that will make your farming days even more fun!

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