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Howdy Farmers!

The Gift Box is one of the most important tools that Farmers need to keep all their Farms running smoothly! We have gathered the most common questions asked about the Gift Box and wanted to share all the details with you.

> What is the Gift Box Capacity?

The Gift Box currently has a total Item limit of 10,000 Items, and a total limit of 500 Unique Items.

> What is the difference between Total Item Limit and Unique Item Limit?

Total Item limit refers to the total amount of Items you can store on your Gift Box, regardless of what Item it is. Unique item limit refers to how many different items you can have, a Pink Cow counts as 1 "unique" item, regardless of how many Pink Cows you have.

Here is an example to understand this better:

• Let’s say you have 2 Pink Cows, 3 Apple Trees, and 1 Special Delivery Box, then you have 3 unique items and 6 total items.

> What happens if I hit the 10,000 total limit?

If a user reaches their 10,000 total item limit and gets 1 more item, the game triggers an eviction process. If that new item is considered rare, it will delete a non-rare item from the gift box.

• Example: Let's use an Unwither Ring. Pretend you have 10,000 Special Delivery Boxes (SDB) and you just bought an Unwither Ring. Since this Ring is considered rare, and you have 10,000 SDBs (which are not rare), the Unwither Ring will replace 1 Special Delivery Box. In the end, you will have 1 Ring and 9,999 SDBs.

> What happens if you hit your 500 unique limit?

If a user reaches their 500 unique limit and gets 1 more unique item, the game triggers an eviction process. If that new item is considered rare, it will force a non-rare item AND the total number of that particular non-rare item to be deleted from the gift box.

> What is considered RARE and NON-RARE? What will be forced out of the Gift Box first?*

• Gift-able items, coin price items (SDBs, Seedlings, Watering Cans) - NON-RARE
• Non-consumable, non-LE coin items (Hay Bales, Fences) - NON-RARE
• LE coin items (themed Coin Decorations) - NON RARE
• Consumable LE items (Capitol One Quick Grow) - RARE
• Non-consumable cash items (Unwither Ring, Platinum Mastery Statue) - RARE
• Consumable Cash items (Fuel, Love potions, Arborists, Farmhands) - RARE
*Disclaimer: These examples are not the all-inclusive list.
*Recommendation: If your Gift Box has a lot of Items, please be aware of the limits and plan accordingly.

> Where can I find my Quests Items on my Gift Box?

Quest items are used automatically; this helps on saving a lot of Gift Box space. If you wish to know the amount you have gathered you will need to go directly to your Quests' details and tasks.

> What if I collected more items than needed?

FarmVille will keep record of the items you've collected until that Questline expires. That means items will be carried over to credit repeatable Quests, and items gathered in advance will be credited once players reach the appropriate Quest.

> What should I do if I can't find an Item/Gift on my Farm?

Don't worry we have that covered! Read this article for more information.

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