All Mobile Games: Mobile-Application Force Closing

Fri Apr 18 15:39:58 EDT 2014 6

Have you ever experienced difficulties with your Mobile Games such as Facebook disconnection, crashes or freezing issues?
Here are some simple suggestions on how to force-close the application to improve the game's stability:
Restart and Force-close your app by double tapping the "Home" button on your iOS device

The Multi-tasking bar should appear on the bottom of the screen

3.Hold down the game app in the multi-tasking bar until the app starts to shake

4.When the game app starts to shake, tap the "-" in the top left hand corner to force close the app

5.Go back to your iOS Springboard and reload your app

For more details, have a look at this video (the method for force-closing is the same for all game).

We hope these suggestion can help you improve your game experience!

Happy Gaming!
The Zynga Mobile Team

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