How To: Soda Shop

Fri Dec 05 07:15:59 EST 2014 1
Howdy Pioneers!

Doc discovered a watery goldmine on the homestead! Come together as a community and contribute Bubblin' Water for amazing prizes that everyone can win!

Helpful Tips
  • Gated at level 18
  • 2 New Free Gift crops (Stevia - 8 hour harvest, Kiwi - 3 hour harvest after using 1 Bubbling Water)
  • New Sweepstakes
  • New Collection (Soda)
  • New Premium Water Tree (Lime)
  • 1 Wrapper for next Monday. You will need to harvest 50 Stevia Crops!

About Soda Shop

The Missions:

Getting Involved
Tend 15 Adult Imported silver sheep
Harvest 25 Passion Flowers
Place the Soda Shop
Rewards: 5 Bubblin' Water, Quicksilver Boots, 2 Pump Grease

Reach Out
Grease 2 Bubblin' Pumps
Contribute 20 Bubblin' Water
Finish Phase 1 of the Soda Shop
Rewards: Granny's Gut Punch, Huckleberry Pie, 2 Kiwi

Work Smart
Harvest 20 Kiwi
Harvest 60 Cranberries
Finish Phase 2 of the Soda Shop
Rewards: Bubbles the Turtle, Loyal Pioneer, Lime Tree

Tend Lime Trees 6 times
Harvest 80 Imported Boysenberries
Finish Phase 3 of the Soda Shop
Rewards: Spicy Deer Jerky, Green Lightning, Red Eye

What a Gas
Harvest 40 Kiwi
Tend Bubbles the turtle 12 times
Finish the Soda Shop
Rewards: Soda Sign, 5 Aged Salmon, Beef Jerky

Soda Shop:

Booth Leather – Hide Prepping Stations
Booth Stuffing – Adult Sheep

Tabletop – Fully Grown Pine Trees
Table Leg - Skulls

Sweet Treat – Mt Blueberries
Sugary Syrup – Sugar Cane

Nice Napkin – Harvest Silk

Wrapper: (Monday) 6/24

Soda Pop
Complete the Soda Collection 3 times
Contribute 400 Bubblin' Water
Harvest 50 Stevia Crops 
Rewards: Raging Buffalo, 2 Minty Mochas, Chocolate Rush

New on Free Gift Page:

New Collection:


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