How to install the Game Bar

Fri Jan 10 12:00:46 EST 2014 14


Installing the Zynga Game Bar is easy! Simply follow these steps:

To install the Zynga Game Bar, please click on a link below.


Café World:



Mafia Wars:

Pioneer Trail:

Zynga Poker:

To use the Zynga Game Bar you must be using Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.6+, or Google Chrome. Support for additional browsers is planned for future releases.

1. Click Connect.

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2. Enter your Facebook email address and password, and click Connect.

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3. Click Install.

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4. Follow the instructions on-screen to complete the installation.

5. Firefox will restart and load your game automatically. The Zynga Game Bar will now be visible at the top of your browser.

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