Avatars and Avatar Actions

Mon Jan 07 02:47:37 EST 2013 1

There are a number of common questions revolving around things you can and can't do with your YoVille avatar. We've consolidated these here for you for an easy reference.

How do I change my character’s name?
When logged into YoVille there is a tab called "account settings", when you click on it there is an option to change your name. You can not put in all symbols.

How do I make my character dance?
Near the bottom of your screen is a little blue icon that looks like a man. When you click on it there will be a list of dance moves and how much energy you have to have to do each one. Just click on the dance that you want to do and your character will do it as long as you have the required energy.

How do I change my Clothes?
To change your clothes select the "Change Appearance" tab from the top game menu bar, and then select the "Change Clothes" option.  Select your new outfit and press save.  You can always update your look by shopping for new clothes at the clothing store as well.

How do I get in a hot tub or in the water at the beach?
You have to be wearing a swimsuit to get in the water at the beach or to get into a hot tub. Once you have your swimsuit on just double click on either the water at the beach or the hot tub and you can get in.

How do I throw a water balloon/snowball?
Near the bottom on you screen there is an icon of a water balloon (or snowball). Click and drag the water balloon or snowball onto the YoVille screen and into the spot where you want to throw it. Once you have thrown your water balloon or snowball it will take awhile to refill. If you are in the water (the beach) or near a water balloon machine it will fill faster.

How do I change my gender?
Currently there is no way to change your gender.However players have access to both male and female clothing.

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