YoVille Myspace Migration to FB

Fri Sep 13 01:16:36 EDT 2013 21
UPDATE - 13th Sept 2013

We will be shutting the option to migration on Tuesday (17th Sept 2013). Please make sure to migrate your Myspace account to Facebook before that.

-YoVille Support Team.


We've extended the deadline for migration. We will update this article few days before the Myspace migration option expires.

Fellow YoVillians,

As promised the YoVille Studio has been able to create a simple migration flow for our Myspace (YoVille) users to Facebook. This article should be able to help you understand and educate yourself on the entire migration process and also any questions that you may have.

How do I migrate my YoVille account from Myspace to Facebook?
Please check your email address registered with your Myspace account as all YoVille Myspace users would have received an email from support@zynga.com with the steps to migrate along with the secret link and secret key associated with your account.
NOTE – Please do not share your secret link/key with anyone! Also, make sure to log out of any Facebook and YoVille account before you start migration.

What will be transferred when I migrate from Myspace to Facebook?
We are glad to announce that all your items, houses, game progression, etc will be copied over when you migrate your account. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations we will not be able to copy your buddy list from Myspace to Facebook.

Will my YoVille Facebook account be overwritten?
Yes, *ALL* data from your YoVille Facebook account will be delete/overwritten when you choose to migrate your old Myspace account. This change is FINAL AND CANNOT BE REVERTED. Hence, we request you to be sure of that account that you are overwriting.

How long will the migration process take?
Your account will be migrated to Facebook within 72hours of your migration request and upon completion you will be sent a Facebook notification.
NOTE – Your account will be locked (cannot login to the game) during the migration process.

YoVille Myspace to Facebook Migration process in detail

Once you receive the email from support@zynga.com , click on the secret link in the mail. Some users might be asked to entire their “Secret Key” (provided in the mail) as an additional security measure.
NOTE – Not ALL players will be asked to entire their “Secret Key”. If you aren’t asked for the key, don’t worry, proceed to the next step directly.

Once you click on the link and you’ve logged in to Facebook, you will directly be taken to the migration page (shown below). This page will show you the “Avatar” of both accounts (Facebook and Myspace) as you could be sure and aware of the account that will be overwritten.

Can I migrate my account later if I click on “Not Now” 
Rest assured, yes, you can migrate your account at a later date by clicking on the “Secret Link” again.
But do note that the option to migrate from Myspace to Facebook will expire on August 10th 2013.

If you choose “Link my Myspace game account”, the below screen will appear.

On clicking confirm; you will see the following message.

Can I migrate my account later if I click on “Keep playing with Facebook game account”(below screenshot)?
Rest assured, yes, you can migrate your account at a later date by clicking on the “Secret Link” again.

But do note that the option to migrate from Myspace to Facebook will expire on August 10th 2013.


Upon checking “Keep playing with Facebook game Account” and clicking “Next”, you will see the below screen.

Upon clicking confirm, you will see the below screen.


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