Zynga Player Support - Changing your Zynga Support contact email address

Mon Oct 19 11:14:42 UTC 2015 447


If you would like the Zynga Support team to contact you via a different email than the Facebook one, then please follow the steps below to update your contact email.

Step 1: Go to our Zynga Support website: support.zynga.com

Step 2: At the top of the Player Support page, click the “Account” option next to your nickname.

Step 3: You will be taken to a screen with “Your Account” information. To change your contact email, click the “edit” option next to the “Your Email” field.

Step 4:  In the pop-up window, enter and confirm your new contact email address. Then click the “Update” button.

Your contact email address will be updated, and you will be taken back to the ‘Your account’ screen. The following confirmation message will appear in the yellow bar to confirm that your email was changed successfully:  “Thanks, [Your name}. We have successfully updated your email address”.


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