Why aren't my experience points (XP) and levels increasing?

Fri Oct 16 11:33:35 UTC 2015 50

Hello Aces,

The info below related to XPs and game levels may be of help:


The maximum amount of XPs that can be gained per day is limited to 2,000. On average, active players may need to play around 200 to 300 hands to reach this limit.

Keep in mind that XP multipliers from bonuses and purchases can have an impact on how many hands you will player before reaching the daily XP limit.


At the moment, maximum level in Zynga Poker is only up to 105. This means that no accounts are allowed to reach beyond level 105, yet. Rest assured that there are plans to introduce higher levels in the future.

We seek your patience and understanding. See you at the tables!

Zynga Poker Support

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