Not receiving verification emails?

Wed Oct 14 08:03:54 UTC 2015 887
Hi Poker Buddies!

Zynga Poker has a security feature that requests you to verify your account by following the instructions on the email.

If you are not receiving the email please follow the steps below:

  1. Check your Spam folder to see if you received the email. Often the email from Zynga gets routed into this folder.
  2. Next go to Zynga's Account page here
    • Click the "Connect with Facebook" link
    • Make sure "Zynga Poker" is selected from the list of games
    • Select "Save"

Clear your cache! You might ask "How do I do that?". You can click here to get instructions on clearing cache for all browsers. Once complete, log back into Zynga Poker and have the verification email resent by clicking "Click here", highlighted in red below. The picture below outlines the button to click. Good luck!


Zynga Poker Player Support

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