• Getting "Upgrade your Flash Player" in Chrome 42?

    Click <a href="http://zynga.tm/q09V3">here</a> if you are getting this error message or your game is not loading after upgrading to Google Chrome 42.

  • Can't craft White Sangrias?

    We have received reports from our fellow farmers that the 3rd task of "Celebrating Earth Day: Part 1" quest requires to craft 2 White Sangrias but they can only see White Grape Coolers from their Winery. Don't worry Farmers, you can still craft these White Grape Coolers for you to complete the task and move on to the next quest.

  • Losing Farm Cash when buying Market Stall?

    We observed that purchasing a Market Stall with coins initially appears as if the game deducted Farm Cash. Don't worry! Your farm cash will be restored once you refresh your game. You may also visit this <a href="https://support.zynga.com/article/farmville/Buying-a-Market-Stall-for-coins-deducting-Farm-Cash-en_US-1406736525957">link</a>.


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