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Chris047  asks
Missing items, expanded land

One of my expanded part of the farm in Farmville 2 has disappeared(got locked) along with the benefits it gave. The money and the items, which I expanded with is missing too. Is it possible resolve the problem, or get back my lost resources so I can

Pistachioh  asks
Is anyone missing a bunch of stuff from their home farm?

Had completed Ferris wheel, completed bumper cars, completed gas pump and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember! Using Firefox 20.0 on Mac. How do I contact support?

btwee  asks
My supply bar has disappeared

can someone please restore it. where is the email box? i dont think other players can help me with this i would rather contact zynga directly. thanks

calledforjesus  asks
Why is the food I cook and place on the counter never ordered or ate!

I have been waiting for 2 days for my counters to be cleared of food. All my food I had cooked to replace them has been ruined and now is burnt! This really upsets me. I log on every day to check it, but still it is all there. I would contact custome

carlamy  asks
I just lost over 300 horseshoes!!

I was trying to make book bindings and the mouse 'jumped' over to spine threading and took all my horseshoes. How can I contact Zynga to get them back?????

Christiana123  asks
Accidentally bought Freezeray tree for 4FC

I accidentally spent 4FC for the freezeray tree in the voting of the hidden base. I don't know how to contact support to find out if they can please refund me?

How can I play Farmville again?

Getting aggrevated. Spent 2 hours trying to find a way to contact support and no luck. Done everything Im supposed to do and still haven't been able to play for months. Last time I was able to contact support they told me they were working on it

reallyimsick  asks
I am sick of farmville not loading, game crASHES , withered crops, lost fv dollars and no way to con

I am sick of farmville not loading, game crashes, withered crops and lost fv dollars and no way tto contact farmville to address. also why do we earn coins when all they want id dollars for expansions, etc.

QueenRosieD  asks
Loosing personal skills..

So,my underboss in my family is loosing personal skill, but gaining in mafia.. He has no option to contact zynga, cause apparently you have to be qualified to contact them.. I tried to talk to one on his behalf, but they do not allow that.. hmm.. d

ademzlatanirfan  asks
And still you tricked me!

Yesterday i contact Zynga about my missing money trees and it had been return to me but all trees are on 0% growing and this week prize of 80fv cash is lost!Will somebody do something?

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