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Otis42  asks
Zynga just took my rp's.

I purchased 42 stamina refills from arena. Rp's are gone and have no refills. Go figure!!!!!! How or who do I contact to get them back!!!!

Someone with loading problems?

Since yesterday night I have been unable to load completely my Mistletoe farm. Everything is OK, except plots that do not load. I have received the message "Unable to load farm". I am also unable to contact an agent to chat about this p

Justinvisible  asks
I experienced some glitches so restarted my iPad came back to my city and it was gone!

I experienced some glitches so restarted my iPad came back to my city and it was gone! I have paid real money to build this city please contact me so this can be fixed!

geckodolphin81  asks
I do not have a workshop.

I have looked everywhere. Inventory, Market. Nothing. All of my quests are stalled now for making things in a workshop I do not have. I can not contact support because apparently their site is down. Help PLEASE!

Betoula  asks
Shrimp Seller

In the goal "No shell, no shoes" it wants to craft it 4 times. I have already done this but when I go to the fourth time it refresh me the game and when I come back it says 0 tries but I have 4 crafted already...!!!! Can somebody help me? H

Nousha  asks
Can't send a ticket

I need to post a ticket for several problems I have but on this page I don't see any icon on the right and I can't send an email, when I try it gives me an error message, I don't have twitter t

angieholdren  asks
Where can I find my stored wind Koted tress at?

I stored my Wind Knoted Trees and cant fine them know. I can't fine a way to contact zynga support to ask this simple question. Does anyone know?

verusca75  asks
Faina Verusca

Hi, I want to send an email to Zynga ... I ran 100 horseshoes ... how can I contact them?? They told me to send an email for verification on my game

Reptorian  asks
30 farm bucks for singing in to the PayPal account.

I singed to PayPal by clicking on a button near my game window while I was playing, but I didn't get my 30 farm bucks. How can I contact with the farmville support directly?

dani98  asks
wheres my farm cash and were is zynga email

okay zynga i didnt get my 3 dollars on farmville cash for watching videos and really i think you should bring your email back so we the players of your games can contact you on problems i doint understand this site

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