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crazycatlady64  asks
Does anyone know if they have fix for coins and items lost when game refreshes?

I was buying expansion for 5,000,000 coins and game refreshed. When returning to farm, no coins and no expansion. Sent request to zynga 3 weeks ago for help with this and received email confirmation but still no expansion.

Asiahsarthi  asks
How do I return to my WWF account after reinstalling on my Samsung Tab?

I had to reinstall due to the App hanging up, and because of unwanted pop-ups every 5 minutes. Anyways, before uninstalling, I went to Settings and wrote down my Username and email (which is a zyngawf-###### address). After reinstalling, after rein

ThePenetrator1  asks
I recently just placed a bid of 3,600,100 on Blue Retro Specks the bid ended like 15mins ago

and i didnt receive my money back or the Blue Retros so i basically just lost 3.6m please reply to my question. And i also sent an email to you guys.

whokitty  asks
i was never contacted.....

i was never contacted by email or by phone like i was told about a farmville2 redeem card showing error and not getting the farm bucks credited to my game, it still says error

stardoggie  asks
How can I make popup windows smaller

When I try to make recipes in my winery, potion shop etc the popup window is too large to access either the bottom or top buttons. Hence I cannot get bushels - can't close the window on top - or buy monsters and so on. All the popup windows

gayl  asks
My "friends" are not reloading in a timely manner anymore. I am therefore unable to ask for items.

Am unable to finish timed quests. Am unable to finish while other people are playing the same quests, which makes it much more difficult to get them to send me items. ALSO, whenever I accept coins from friends, I am being asked to send invites. Th

Firrin  asks
Kaninchenbau und Mail

Wie vielen hier fehlt mir der Kaninchenbau. Die Antworten lauten hier immer "mail an Zynga". Aber wenn ich auf "Hilfe holen" klicke kann ich nur ins Forum weiter, der Email-Support ist nur für "qualified players" Was nun

amberlredding  asks
Why I lost 20 farm cash!??

I logged onto my farm today and only had 22 farm cash yesterday I had 42. Now I have 23 because I just leveled up but I still lost 22 farm cash. I am very unhappy I spent my hard earned money to play this game for some enertainment and I get robbed!!

UnhappyChef  asks
Why don't I get live chat anymore and why can't I have the full 14 days for these multi-task quest?

I have to wait at least 24 hours before I get any kind of response because all I can do is email a problem and every time I start one of these mult-task quest half of the first day is already gone. How is that being fair?

DebbyKay  asks
I purchased land for 1000000 coins and didn't get the expansion.

I have sent two emails to Zynga and both times I got the generic email back telling me about all the problems the game is having. (My problem is not included) I am out the 1000000 coins and am getting frustrated with the lack of help I am getting f

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