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blawrence  asks
When is Zynga going to fix the retrying and lost connetions message?

I just spend all day cooking venison scallopini for the 23 goal for the last 10x bronze stove and served them. I got the task completed message then retrying and lost connection. I refreshed and they did not count. I am now having to recook 221 of t

farmvillemona  asks
i need help!!!!!!!!!!

i want to email to zynga but its says the intertubes are broken!!!!!!!!!!!i want my animals back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want to play!!!!!!!!!!!i have no chat live on the right page!!!!!!!!!!!!!for 7days i writte and none can tell me nothing exactly what

Makana  asks
Yesterday I was Level 143 with 268 XP more to the next level today I need 9,068 to go to next level.

I am looking for zynga email support address or chat support. Would someone tell me what is going on? Friday morning, July 19th I am on level 143 and needed 168 XP to go to level 144. This morning, at 8:40 I need over nine thousand XP to go to leve

crissyd  asks
gift envelope and notifications won't open

ever since new quest started having trouble with game. first quest was locked then when i finally got quest had to refresh every time i tried to cast spell on gremlin when i went back to game the spell didn't count towards quest and this morning

mtiesk  asks
follow on to my question about linked pages for Castleville

Have reset my password to my email and still keep getting my son's Castleville game. What's going on here? Why can I no longer get to my game by way of Zynga? Facebook is the pits; don't know if my postings are working or even getting

birdseed  asks
Got logged out and when I go to reset the ****** get Invalid token.

Out of the blue I got logged out. When I go to log in, it says wrong password. I click the forgot password button and I get a ******n email. I click it and type in my new password and I get Invalid token message. I cannot play and I am not happy. I p

isahicks  asks
why am I suspened

Your FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, resulting in a 1-day suspension. We strive to protect the integrity of the game for everyone who enjoys FarmVille 2. Your account will be accessible on 5/23/201

Tina1000  asks
chefville & Farmvill quests

I have completed the games (chef & farm) to the level required to complete the goals on Cityville, but the goals are not upgrading/completing. Does anyone have a solution?? or is there anyone from Zynga that can help. No email means I an not repo

SweetTMarie  asks
My horseshoes disappeared again, and I did NOT spend them This is the third time this has happened.

The first two times, I was able to email Zynga. When they looked into my game, they found it was a glitch and immediately restored the horseshoes. But now they have removed the email option so I can't contact them. If they don't give my hor

Jeffffs  asks
I am getting chat report warnings. I assume from someone that is being funny. How do I ask Zynga to

I am getting chat report warnings. I assume from someone that is being funny. How do I ask Zynga to check into this? I am not on the able to email list lol.

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