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marika83  asks
i can not log in to my acount.

they say my pass word isn't right so they send me an email but i never get the email???

adatude  asks
I cant into my zynga account

i try to sent a verify email but a email never get sent not even to my spam

zuzziez  asks
my zynga acount will not work

im suposed to klick on an email to accept my acount but i do not resive any email

kjgjam22  asks
MIssing Cash

Hi. I am missing 15 farm cash. I cant find an email to email zynga. Has this changed?

CSchepers  asks
Confirm my account

Hey there! Zynga say they had send me an email to confirm my new account setting. I waited for the email; check every folder - even the spam folder and nothing. so i clicked on "send email again" and nothing happened again. so i checked my

CK1984  asks
cant send mail to zynga

not getting the option to email zynga...just getting the question answer page

vw1952  asks
My well disappeared. How co I contact Zynga to find out what happened to it?

I can't find anywhere to email Zynga regarding issues with Farmville 2. How do I email them? Thank you!

helenamarques  asks
help please

I need the email , the zinga suport, but not find email uss please anyone who can help thank you

toomuchtime  asks
How do you contact support???? I have a tech issue and need support from Zynga.

Looked all through this site and cannot find the email option or the live chat option.

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