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lorijo13  asks
Upgraded to Paid Words w/ friends - I get message "username /email already connected to Fb account

I upgraded to paid ****** deleted the free version from my iphone and from facebook. I want to be able to connect the paid version to facebook but even after installing and deleting and reinstalling, it still knows that my phone is connected to face

ChriszShirley  asks
How to submit help and suggestions. Zynga email is not working for me......

I wanted to move my japanese barn over to my Jade Falls farm and its not letting me. Now that storage has changed, cant we make these special barns (that do not matter for storage any longer) storable. I even tried to just buy another one and thats n

TVL22442  asks
How can I correct my email information so that I can validate my account. ?

I transposed the letters in my email address so I can't get to email that validates account. I can still log into the zynga forums with my correct account information

JppSimon  asks
How can I change the email address that FB uses to access my PayPal?

When I changed my email Addy for PayPal, they said that FB could still get paid for VIP, so why can't you?

telescopes  asks
Zynga I need to email you to get the celestial farm added to my account..

We didnt have a computer for 2 months so wasnt able to play but now we have one and Ive started back playing but dont have the Celestial pasture>> would like it please

bij001  asks
How do i email support for problem of no basmati rice crates?

I have no crates in my restaurant and still it says i have reached maximum limit.. How do i email this to support? cant find any email id.. Or Email us Icon....

vannalouise  asks
How does one email support when there is no link appearing? My neighbors have disappeared AGAIN

I can't complain or request that neighbors be returned.

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