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viniifm2  asks
good night I played my farm ville during the day and the night after I got back from the course I ca

good night I played my farm ville during the day and the night after I got back from the course I came across this message Recently, we found that your account FarmVille 2 violates our Terms of Service, which results in a suspension of one day. W

dammitjanet2000  asks
what is wronge with you people give me back every cent i spent on this game and i will stop playing

it, since i posted your fertillizer scam, and the turning the soil scam, i can not get on my farm when i am able to get on the farm i have not received a honeycomb or any reward! i will post this on face book also, if this is your way of getting me

harrypotter9499  asks
For AT least two months I have not been able to access my farm on

The farm on my is not mine it is my husband's even though I signed up using my email. I requested help and was set a link when I clicked the link it said I should receive an e-mail later. I have done this at least 2X I would like to

no1bluescorpion  asks
What did I do?...

Your FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, resulting in a 1-day suspension. We strive to protect the integrity of the game for everyone who enjoys FarmVille 2. Your account will be accessible on 11/21/20

DanuGrayson  asks
Farmville Cash Gone & Farm Reset

I logged in to find all my farmville cash gone and things I had previously finished, like the hot air balloon and other quests, were reset and now not completed. I've tried reloading the game, but this has not helped. Any ideas? Also, I'v

anniepetal  asks
When you send emails saying you can claim water or choose one or the other i then click and it.

And it tells me i'm to late how is this when the email is 2 minutes old i have lost the lest 6 or so of these and i cant get them. Also why does the game keep clasping when your half way through doing some thing on your farm.

Mimi89  asks
About Farmville 2 game, needs to be fixed...

In my email box, i accepted all my friends gifts of help, but it is not shown to clear what it supposed to be clear on my farmville 2. Why is it not working? For example: I requested my friends help to build my groves, i received alot more almost 5-1

miz1  asks
where my stamina pack is

Hi there, I purchase a stamina pack at 17:29 i had 58rp and now i have 51rp and did not get the stamina? Can you tell me what has happened please, as email page is not working for me, and no chat link, thanks :)

CuriousKristine  asks
I have not been able to collect the "Harvest the Bounty" rewards that are emailed each day.

This has been happening for over a week now. This morning your email arrived at 10:36:23 AM MDT. I responded by choosing the "3 water" choice. Rather than receiving the water, I received the following message: "Sorry farmer, that gift

a1956  asks
Farmville 2 doesn't load.

The game gives the message I'w be already playing Farmville in a second window, which I'm not. I already restarted the computer and cleaned my website history. Nothing helps. This forum gives everybody the same answer: try to confirm your

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