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CuriousKristine  asks
I have not been able to collect the "Harvest the Bounty" rewards that are emailed each day.

This has been happening for over a week now. This morning your email arrived at 10:36:23 AM MDT. I responded by choosing the "3 water" choice. Rather than receiving the water, I received the following message: "Sorry farmer, that gift

Cookies54  asks
I just saw my Horse collars are ******n logger quest and my baby duck. Is it Zynga or my computer?

I completed my Big Pull. Now collars are gone .I use both IE and Mozilla and bot are freezing and crashing with FV2. Animals don't always give fertilizer and my FV$8 is gone, thought I did something wrong. The free water/salt/power email does no

Deathrow1970  asks
Arena stealing my respect points??

When trying to fight in the arena, after I log onto and in the lobby waiting for other players it has bumped me out 3 times now or just left me sitting in the arena lobby and after 5 minutes i refresh and it says I placed in 6th and lost 14 respect p

Kohlmeim  asks
Keep getting bounced off

Second time this has happened. When I try to buy coins I get the endless updating, so I delete the game and reload. Now when I try to sign on with Facebook or email I get"validation error" and get bounced off, even when the game invites me

supriaamba  asks
Lost all 41 levels =Facebook and Zynga wants me to start overy from level1?WHY

I lost my levels unable to complete butterfly quest, lost money for my FarmVille card from Target and Now I can not participate /complete Farmville 2 Deer Friends Quests. I am not very happy about very very slow support and about receiving email b

RosieFbxAK  asks
It doesn't count if you clear the board w/ your last bubble.

If this is replacing the ability to EMAIL a question and include screen short - it's a SUCKY replacement. I can't show proof this way. Whatever. I Cleared a level with my last bubble and it didn't count it. Asked me if I wanted to

Drkcrimangel  asks
About contacting Zynga Support ...

Just have a quick question regarding contacting the support team. I contacted them once with the 'email us' and I only got what it seemed to be an automatic response (if that is possible) that did not help me at all. And, I do not get the &

Emmylou0511  asks
Squirrel feeding not counting

I've done the feeding, planting and making treats several times and it's not counting. It keeps saying 0/0 squirrels fed and I'm getting no where. I can't email zynga for help for some reason and also can't play through zynga

DanuGrayson  asks
Farmville Cash Gone & Farm Reset

I logged in to find all my farmville cash gone and things I had previously finished, like the hot air balloon and other quests, were reset and now not completed. I've tried reloading the game, but this has not helped. Any ideas? Also, I'v

Amardeep  asks
Bonus Bubbles mail

The bonus bubbles email link takes a user to games page but allows user to claim bonus only once is 24 hrs. what it means is that user needs to login exactly at same time everyday to claim bubbles. Does ZYNGA team thinks the user is free and specific

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