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LVLV  asks
How to get a Refund?

Refund? So i am at the build right after 125 - "had" 65 $$ - used some to complete level 1st lvl of the build- achieved 117,870 - got past the "star" racked up the bonus bubbles - and then NO ADVANCE - doesnt really freeze - i can

Go Home Button NOT FiXED??

How come the Go Home Button isn't fixed...It has been days..How can one do anything, on their farm, if they can't go back to it...It calls for totally reloading the page, each and everytime. It is really starting to get more than just annoy

RosieFbxAK  asks
It doesn't count if you clear the board w/ your last bubble.

If this is replacing the ability to EMAIL a question and include screen short - it's a SUCKY replacement. I can't show proof this way. Whatever. I Cleared a level with my last bubble and it didn't count it. Asked me if I wanted to

Mimi89  asks
About Farmville 2 game, needs to be fixed...

In my email box, i accepted all my friends gifts of help, but it is not shown to clear what it supposed to be clear on my farmville 2. Why is it not working? For example: I requested my friends help to build my groves, i received alot more almost 5-1

gamerhk  asks
Having issues with water trough

I've purchased an extra water trough twice now, for a total of 40k coins. The second time I even paid 2 farm cash in hopes of getting my trough built quickly, so maybe it wouldn't vanish. I logged back in just now and the trough is gone aga

CuriousKristine  asks
I have not been able to collect the "Harvest the Bounty" rewards that are emailed each day.

This has been happening for over a week now. This morning your email arrived at 10:36:23 AM MDT. I responded by choosing the "3 water" choice. Rather than receiving the water, I received the following message: "Sorry farmer, that gift

luvhp  asks
Expanding the river?

Trying to complete tasks to complete the next river piece. Have to craft 5 silver looking hats with red on them. I have done this, they are sitting in my inventory to sell, however the craft window still says I have only done 1 out of 5. Zynga has m

jagulin  asks
Whats the reason behind my 1-day Suspension....? This was did to my brother too... What the reason?

Your FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, resulting in a 1-day suspension. We strive to protect the integrity of the game for everyone who enjoys FarmVille 2. Your account will be accessible on 7/18/201

mushroom7998  asks
i'm having hard time accepting farmville 2 gifts requests.

when i try to accept gifts in game it says i have no gifts but in app center i have over 400 in there. in fb my notifications , checked so zynga games can send me daily emails. well zynga email settings dont work @ all i want to be able to check wh

NekoMadison  asks
OK, to get a rabbit warren?

I can't find the option to build one anywhere, yet I need to tend it. I get the feeling that I might need to, as has been suggested on other similar posts, email zynga, but every time I hit the red, "get help" button, it just sends me

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