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RosieFbxAK  asks
It doesn't count if you clear the board w/ your last bubble.

If this is replacing the ability to EMAIL a question and include screen short - it's a SUCKY replacement. I can't show proof this way. Whatever. I Cleared a level with my last bubble and it didn't count it. Asked me if I wanted to

valerij  asks
Help me

Hello I have a problem with the game farmwille 2 Village Grocer my order was blocked a man with a truck no longer comes two days and also my Market stand is blocked when I'm entering it does not open it. Please for help. and we returned with a r

Deathrow1970  asks
Arena stealing my respect points??

When trying to fight in the arena, after I log onto and in the lobby waiting for other players it has bumped me out 3 times now or just left me sitting in the arena lobby and after 5 minutes i refresh and it says I placed in 6th and lost 14 respect p

CosmoFrames  asks
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Where's the help from support when you need it?

I spend money on this free game and no matter how many questions I post, I get no answers. My sister does the same but she get answers from Zynga support via email. Whats the difference? I'm having problems just like everyone else, but get n

Ositapink77777  asks
How do I contact Farmville tech support about loss coins

I was playing Farmville last night and I cooked a lot of food and I sold it, for some reason my computer is getting frozen every time I play Farmville mostly, and I loss the 88,000 coins, now I am trying to send an email to get my coins back and I ju

ChefalaLaurie  asks
I was shorted 15 FV2 cash. Please fix? Thank you ;o)

FV2 cash credits not posted per request from TrialPay...I am short 15 FV2 cash. I have an email from Trial Pay stating that they requested 80 to be posted but I only received 65. Need the other 15 FV Cash credited to my game.

a1956  asks
Farmville 2 doesn't load.

The game gives the message I'w be already playing Farmville in a second window, which I'm not. I already restarted the computer and cleaned my website history. Nothing helps. This forum gives everybody the same answer: try to confirm your

caimilefailte  asks

This is supposed to be a help feature - but they removed ALL help - by removing the ability to email OR chat??? And this is supposed to be FAIR PLAY??? I will see my ability to post questions such as this blocked next - so where is my freedom of spee

MichelleTillard  asks
As my new animal was coming for my dairy farm my game crashed and I could not find it in my inventor

As my new animal was coming for my dairy farm my game crashed and I could not find it in my inventory. WHAT HAPPENED TO LIVE SUPPORT? I have spent over 100 euros on this game and now I am reading on the internet how you have laid off employees cancel

S4rahj  asks
Sweet And Dirty Mission

Hi, I need help please - I've fed my rabbits a few times but it is not registering. I am on level 3/10 'If wishes were pigs'. I can't seem to access the area that lets me email support directly - it comes up with an error messag

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