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JulieLysager  asks
I can not sign on my zynga account ..

I can not sign on my zynga account .. I use my email account login and the correct password for the account .. but the writing is not the right thing. I have tried to receive reset the password to my mail, but there comes nothing from you in my mailb

stu2009  asks
my farm hasnt unlocked

my farm hasnt unlocked after temp suspended it should unlocked at 1240am on the 19th please help Your FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service,

Drkcrimangel  asks
About contacting Zynga Support ...

Just have a quick question regarding contacting the support team. I contacted them once with the 'email us' and I only got what it seemed to be an automatic response (if that is possible) that did not help me at all. And, I do not get the &

thalia71  asks
Please I need help

Please days ago you sent me an option to ask me if I wanted to join the VIP club, I said yes, and they told me that they would send me an email with all the information, without obligation, to know how I still ****** I have not received any mail, and

vikingguy96  asks
I guess we should not expect a quick fix--people have been dealing with the flower cart since ******

Was surprised to see they took away email now as well and turned that into a premium feature as well :( it would not be so bad if there were not so many bugs--speaking of--if there were not so many bugs maybe more people would be willing to "pay

Amardeep  asks
Bonus Bubbles mail

The bonus bubbles email link takes a user to games page but allows user to claim bonus only once is 24 hrs. what it means is that user needs to login exactly at same time everyday to claim bubbles. Does ZYNGA team thinks the user is free and specific

littlechamp  asks
If Zynga will let Non Paying players contact them again

Removing the ability to email Zynga is a bummer, non paying players are still needed to keep the game alive (kinda makes me think they are deliberately trying to drive peeps away so they can close it out) If they kept the game sweet and didnt throw c

Slpanda1  asks
Does anyone know how to contact Zynga? This is a rip off.

I paid for my Farm Bucks a long time ago and was using them a little at a time. I had 40 plus and now down to 12 and I know I did not use them. You can't even email them anymore to complain. I dumped Farmville 1 because they kept adding farms

Evasmith  asks
Farm isn't completely loading. Not getting credit for items harvested/collected.

I tried reloading my game three times and it wont completely load. The plots I was able to click on I didn't get credit for. Points or produce. I have no idea if the gifts I received I actually got credit for. I already tried deleting cookies an

Schmedley  asks
Accidental miss click ruins game for me.

I have ms, and accidentally clicked something that changed my level from 32 to 36 and charged me 1500 crowns. I have ms so miss clicks are a way of life and I accept that. But to spend over 1000 crowns with no confirmation seems wrong, I asked for my

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