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tomlika  asks
How to delete People who i can see on my neighbor bar but they aren't listed under "my neighbors"

I still have them as FB friends hoping that I can delete them in the game before i delete them on FB but they aren't showing up in my list at all. I can't email zynga for help.

roksea  asks
How long is Daily Reward good for?

Daily Rewards hit my email at 12:39pm today. I got on computer at 3:30pm today, hit button for 3 waters. and got message on FV2 that it had expired!

JoannaE  asks
Communication with Zynga people???

Does anyone know how to communicate with people at Zynga? I tried to find an email address for game support but with no results! My reindeer is still missing and I cannot move on to the game with the quests... Any help would be valuable. Thanks!

biljanazglavnik  asks
support problem

biljanazglavnik asks Support problem!! here is the link of my picture: i dont have"Email us" option on the web site and i can't contact the support.pliz respode...tyvm

cas1991  asks
Contacting Zynga

I know we need to now pay for this service, so don't tell me that. I want to know why? First it was email or chat was open to all, but then it was email for all and chat for paying and now we can only post? I want a Zynga person to answer this,

Gail24  asks
Still no farm buck rewards

I have not gotten a reply for 2 days on where my farm bucks are and seem to just be getting the run around I sent a copy of my confirmation email to completing the enrollment and have sent an email to them as well and just seem to get no where. Can a

riamaria1961  asks
Different quest

I run 3 farms and one of the farm has this quest a sensitive string (translate from dutch een gevoelige snaar.) There more differnts I email that to the real support. But that's not possible any more.

DruNo  asks
Why when I try to open my game it opens very small and will not open enough to allow me to play?

I attempted to open it through my email and also through Zynga but when I do it through facebook I don't encounter the problem

Dejah  asks
Can't log into

Can't log in to Says my password is incorrect and when I try to change it says my email doesn't exist. I am sure both are ok since I am connecting with my fb acc. What to do, please?

lotsaquestions  asks
Has anyone else tried the

I tried the link and it did me no didn't do anything....I verified my email and it sent me a page saying I was done and then further link, no page to type into or ANYTHING

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