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angelesquer  asks
Why Ididn´t received my gifts???!!!

I´m really piss off with ZYNGA!!!!! When I had issues I could send an email with zynga´staff. Noww I must ask to another neighbour. They can´t solve my problem!!!! Thank for nothing ZYNGA!!!!

sarald  asks
I have not been able to log into for several weeks!

It says I have an 'error' ... I know my email and password are correct. Is there anyone out there that can help? Zynga support has been useless at this point. Sad...

Playtimekid  asks
How do we know if we qualify or not to be helped?

NOT sure if you are getting the correct UID information or not, which one do I use, the facebook site, or the email site. Can I get an answer for that so I know?

pattypts  asks
Preciso do meu jogo de volta

jogava todos os dias fiquei sem pc,agora voltei e nao consigo entrar com todo o meu progresso,eu nunca validei no meu email por favor me ajude esses jogos do zinga e minha ****** fazer tudo coloquei email tudo pergunta se eu quero carregar porem nao

simmonssunday  asks
Why is my Yogurt Creamery not giving colored yogurts when harvested? This has happened several times

I've written emails yet I only get a confirmation of said email, no other information has ever been given. I waited more than 30 minutes just now in live chat box just for no response?? What is going on?

princessljm  asks
This game is really starting to suck

Unable to receive gifts from news feed. Clicked on gifts that were posted to try and finish missions, but it just keeps taking me back to the home page. How do you actually send an email, I have no option to do that

cjnj  asks
Limited time offer pop up

I have only been able to play once in since monday. I've reloaded several times and keep getting the pop up that won't go away so I can get to my game. Do I need to email zynga? or is there a fix I missed..Please help thanks

chopsymoopaula  asks
Re: Contacting Support

How are u supposed to report problems with game if u got no access to Support .. because uve sent more than one email .. for different problems that occur at different time??

lotsaquestions  asks
Has anyone else tried the

I tried the link and it did me no didn't do anything....I verified my email and it sent me a page saying I was done and then further link, no page to type into or ANYTHING

Naneki  asks
Still No Arctic Automaton

ref:00D6J52i.5006MyHuK:ref I emailed support a month ago. I got an email to wait for reply. Then I posted a week back and got a reply from the mod to wait for reply and shortly after that I got another email that tell me to wait for a reply. I still

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