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Alipants  asks
how can i contact zynga to get back my horseshoes they used to have an email link where is it

my horse shoes have been taken from pioneer trail I am getting very frustrated as I just want to email someone - this support site stinks no zynga player is going to be able to help and I pay money for horseshoes so should be able to speak to someone

Greendell  asks
How do I delete friends on the friends list, not neighbors..people are on this list from email and

How do I clean up my friends list...not neighbors, the other list that contain people from my regular e-mail who do not play the game??? Thanks

DiInOz  asks
How can I email or live chat support? I am visually impaired and often access support this way

I often have to access live chat to help explain game play to me due to my vision being impaired i am lost without it

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