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Zenasque  asks
I Paid for 50 farm bucks and never got my farm bucks. Any help?

I paid 10 dollars Canadian for 50 farm bucks. During the transaction my game crashed. When i came back on i had not received my farm bucks so i checked my hotmail to see if i got a confirmation email. When i saw there was no confirmation email i chec

sarald  asks
I have not been able to log into for several weeks!

It says I have an 'error' ... I know my email and password are correct. Is there anyone out there that can help? Zynga support has been useless at this point. Sad...

Playtimekid  asks
How do we know if we qualify or not to be helped?

NOT sure if you are getting the correct UID information or not, which one do I use, the facebook site, or the email site. Can I get an answer for that so I know?

Marlenepina  asks
Torre do mercador

Celebrity'm having a problem merchant's tower yet, that will be a child of God could give me an aid, since I sent a lot of email to zynga and nothing, I can not save anything in the tower :)

angelesquer  asks
Why Ididn´t received my gifts???!!!

I´m really piss off with ZYNGA!!!!! When I had issues I could send an email with zynga´staff. Noww I must ask to another neighbour. They can´t solve my problem!!!! Thank for nothing ZYNGA!!!!

Apachurra  asks
Where on earth is the contact support link in this website?

I keep looking and looking and I can't find a single link for contacting the Zynga support email. Before I was able to see a link for live chat, this is not longer available and now with this new Player support page I can't find the link. S

roksea  asks
How long is Daily Reward good for?

Daily Rewards hit my email at 12:39pm today. I got on computer at 3:30pm today, hit button for 3 waters. and got message on FV2 that it had expired!

lotsaquestions  asks
Has anyone else tried the

I tried the link and it did me no didn't do anything....I verified my email and it sent me a page saying I was done and then further link, no page to type into or ANYTHING

AnnelieElderson  asks
Every time I want to play CV, I see this message that I have to validate my account by e-mail.

I never get this email and I can't get it. Neither when I click on the button to send me the email again. Is this causing my problems with playing CV and this returning error: LOC ERROR with string PostToFriendsFor in package Dialogs. I did allr

Andypiper  asks
deleted account

fb deleted my account but ive got it back same email used but not my mafia account its same name same log in email but mafia is at just level one not my level 3k beast :( i heard in cases player support can help move it to new account fb said so

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