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nikitthm  asks
hello !!

Am a regular farmville palyer.... i have this type of a problem tat i cant post my post!! its says waitinggggggggggg!! i dont undersatnd y !! help me out!! everyday ill get same problem !! help me !!

Cynthia211  asks
Level downgrade?

I was playing Farmville, and I was Level 147. I cam back a couple days later, my Level went down to 143. I just want to know what happened?

sapphire62  asks
How do I buy more farm plots?

I'm fairly new to Farmville, so I need help. I purchased a land expansion so there is room. I can't find any farm plots in the marketplace. How do I buy them?

summydidwania  asks
my game goes blank on the inbox page so the game never gets launched

even if i see the farmville page for any farm, my game get stuck up on that farm itself and its a question mark as to when it will launch again i can keep trying for days but no result

karena761  asks
My dishes keep disappearing!!!

I keep losing these 2 day dishes! Serve them up and... nothing!! I'm blocking CW and moving back to Farmville! All I needed was a 1/2 hour of peace and relaxation every now and again... <<sigh>>

brneyedmomto2  asks
Help Me Please

I bought Apricot Acres and no sooner did that Whoops-a-daisy came up and wiped out all my money and didn't show my expansion. I play this game ALL DAY. I buy Farmville Bucks consistently and this has really made me not care about continuing the

NukikUinniq  asks
Whoa, Farmer and Exclamation Point

Been trying to get into FarmVille, all I'm getting for the past two hours is "whoa, farmer" and exclamation point. Please fix already. I am running out of unwither.

sertan3535  asks

last month for a few years playing farmville fv loss of the 30th green is not my chips fv fv money, money I'm going to skip level are able to resolve my problem I'd love does not rise

babsk  asks
The item requests are not going through to my neighbors.

AND item requests are not going to the feed. The feed posts are not on my timeline. This is the same issue that happened to make me stop playing Farmville and Pioneer Trail..

MauraT  asks
Missing baby chicken?

I received the blue exotic egg, Walter brought over the baby chicken, and then Farmville 2 froze I do not have the baby chicken.....

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