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MaryKnopp  asks
My posts are not being seen on my wall.

I have went into Apps, clicked on Farmville, clicked Edit, made sure it is set to Friend, and they still do not post to my wall. Now what do I do?

magnificent7s  asks
Cant update Flash Player in Windows 8

Farmville 2 says I need to update Flash Player to continue playing but I have Windows 8 so I can't update because it is already at the latest version. I really enjoy the game but if this is going to continue I am going to have to move on.

krazyk71  asks
Why can I not access Haunted Hallow

I was not online for about a month due to no internet. My daughter and I both just started playing farmville again and she was able to start haunted hallow but I can not/ Why can I not access it

minnieminx1996  asks
my 90 bucks had disappeared!

I purchased a starter pack and had 90 bucks left when farmville just went off and when it came back on the 90 bucks had disappeared! Where is my 90 bucks?

MauraT  asks
Missing baby chicken?

I received the blue exotic egg, Walter brought over the baby chicken, and then Farmville 2 froze I do not have the baby chicken.....

stacybader  asks
when are the farm expansions going to be made available for coin purchase?

make all the farms available for expansion made available for coin purchase. i am a loyal farmville player and would like to see this sometime soon in the near future.

Sarahvts  asks
Who could help me?

Hi! I play with Farmville 2, expand, buy plots and plant, but the next day or after an updating everything change back to the start... I m so angry today, 'cause its the third case... HELP

sblack910  asks
Neighbor Bar

I go visit my Farmville Neighbor's farm to feed animals, pick or water crops but I am only able to click once. I am at the Bronze level in the Country Farm and have unlocked 6 tasks. Will I be compensated for this error in Farmville in the fut

pac1964man  asks
doing quest bird brain 6/8 harvested 20 out of 30 did rest its all disappeared so my question is

why are you still on facebook putting useless games on the web if you cant sort it out same happened with castleville farmville and all others you make

Netje  asks
postiive side

I start seeing the positive side of not being able to load the game. This way I have more time to play my other games ( who I can load normally ) and also positive it makes it easier to decide to stop with fv completely, so thank you zynga for making

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