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firemom1  asks
When trying to play Farmville2, the game starts out fine, then the screen goes white.

Sometimes I can get my gifts but then the screen goes white and I can't get to my farm. I have the updated Adobe Flash so it's not that.

shan9989  asks
For the past four days farmville2 will not load on my laptop.

i tried on facebook and zynga's site. it loads halfway,music plays for bout ten seconds then stops. on zynga the right side of screen is totally blank????????????????

AmsToots  asks
I purchased Cooking Light through Farmville2 and and also purchased a Farm Starter pa

According to both valuemags and facebook I should have received the farm starter package and farmbucks from valuemags offer. I have gotten nothing at all

Lolzfox  asks
Hello, I've noticed various issues when playing FarmVille2 which i'd like to be resolved.

These include the following: 1. I purchased a well (300000 coins) which after having completed it, it disappeared. I ended up buying another one but it had taken the coins for the first one which disappeared. 2. Yoghurt creamery - I have been 'h

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