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Gamer123  asks
Farmville2 got stuck at loading bar of 50% of completion and never be able to start .

Hi ,I am experiencing some issue into getting the game of FarmVille2. My game does not load and eventually got stuck at the loading bar at 50% . I tried to clear my cache ,updating the Java and Flash Player plugin but to no avail . I even tried to re

artisan64  asks
how to delete pop up showing on Farmville2 screen requesting storage space on my computer

I have had this pop up for 24 hours, if I click on the 'deny' button it deletes for 5 seconds maximum and comes back. All the time its on the screen it is blocking the game. How do I delete it

sameer5288  asks
my farmville2 does not load it freezes jst showing some animals n 10 20 plots

whole page is jst green n shows some animals n plots.. m at level 24 pls help me out

dianita  asks
why my farmville2 back to level 1 again, can you help me out??

when i opened it yesterday, i was shock because my level back to 1 and even i restart it, keep the same, please help me to solve this problem, thanks.

w4w4n  asks
I can't see my online zfriends and chat bar while I'm playing farmville2..

it's only notification, token and my profile bar on the screen. How can we fix this issue? it really helps that I can chat my zfriends while playing..

Littlerobbie  asks
Farmville2 Stole My Cash 126 Bucks How Do I Get It Back ?

My Money Went Missing And It Isn't The First Time .

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