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grneyeldy  asks
Why is Farmville2 not sending the correct item requested with the crosscut saw request?

The past couple of days I have asked for crosscut saws to help clear an object from my farm however I noticed the request that was sent out by the FB FV2 game stated this: "Lynn's hunting for some Chainsaws to expand her farm! Lynn ne

garisen1919  asks
why is it saying I am on farmville2 when I am not

it is saying I am on farmville2 when I am not on it

Heldup  asks
I am experiencing my problems with the farmville2 game. Having to repeat quests completed.

For the last few days, i have completed items for the grocer, was waiting on 5 oranges, had made the potato buns, had harvested all, I have made the butter with only needing 1 more. Now all is gone, quest is bad because the items disappeared, all the

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