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radioclash  asks
Why wont Farmville2 load anymore after whoops a daisy pop up?

Today I logged into farmville2. Finished my bake table quest and got a whoops a daisy pop up. Farmville2 refreshed and then gave me another whoops a daisy pop up. It now does this everytime I try to load the game. I have tried on other computers and

Lauralou2014  asks
Can I play farmville2 on the zynga site on my ipad2?

Do I have to play through facebook? It won't let me play without updating to the 3d and my ipad2 won't let me update to the 3d. HELP

tidofaye  asks
why cant we send our farmville2 friends stuff out of our inventory ?

me and my mom both play this game and i have all kinds of bottles and my mom needs bottles but she can only ask for them from me every 18 hours i think that we should be able to send stuff out of our inventory to our friends!!

Cresentia  asks
May i know why i can't invite those that plays farmville2 as my neighbour?

They are already my friends in facebook but i can't seem to invite them as my neighbour, some of them can ask help from me and i can't do the same? Please fix this.

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