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rhonda1960  asks
why arent I getting credit for harvesting my sheep on farmville2?

on the quest where you have to feed the sheep i think its 3 times ive been trying since quest started and dont get credit for it what gives? and where do u report issues now>

Monday12  asks
I can not get into to play Farmville2 or any of the other zynga games.

I have changed my password numerous times and it keeps telling my that I am not using the right password even though I have changed my password.

baddydevil  asks
My Farmville2 Neighbors is missing AGAIN and this is the SECOND time~!

My Farmville 2 Neighbors is missing AGAIN when playing in facebook, this is the SECOND time as last time I did click the "Fix it" button but now I can't click it so just make a post here. PLEASE look at it right now and fix thi

raffacin  asks
why am I not getting my request from my farmville2 friends

can someone help..thank you

Leslie82  asks
How come I can't get on farmville2? it's been a whole week

Every time I go on farmville2 it says report or refresh.. I'm so far behind at this point and there's no way I can catch up. I can't even contact anyone about this matter! What can I do to fix this problem?

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