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Whitefang  asks
I'd like to get a refund on a pump that I've bought minuts ago on FarmVille2..

This is so fun that I wanted to get something that adds up water faster so I can farm more, and then without looking at it, I bought the water pump then I found it that it's just decoration....Take this pump out of my land and give me my money b

kpfivestar  asks
Accidentally deleted my farmville2 application which was at level11. Can it be restored?

While deleting a post in facebook... accidentally clicked the option to "Remove Farmville2" instead of "delete". Can it be restored? I was at level11 and do not want to start again.

Taybert007  asks
Loading farmville2 will not load past the receiving of gifts... what is the issue ????

I have to click on my mail to get the gifts and to return them, but when I am finished and click on Play will not load.. I have installed and re-installed Flash Player and Java...they are both up to date.

raffacin  asks
why am I not getting my request from my farmville2 friends

can someone help..thank you

Victorious25  asks
Farmville2, I click for expansion, goats came out, cash was taken, then there was no expansion.

How do I get my cash back or get the expansion I paid for.

jilahil67  asks
FarmVille2 is not loading and is very often crashing if it does finally load.

Went to the Support page, and had reported it and clicked on the "fix" icon (bandaid picture) but it seems to be not working at all, or rarely. So I am sending an email asking for help. thanks

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