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kpfivestar  asks
Accidentally deleted my farmville2 application which was at level11. Can it be restored?

While deleting a post in facebook... accidentally clicked the option to "Remove Farmville2" instead of "delete". Can it be restored? I was at level11 and do not want to start again.

Taybert007  asks
Loading farmville2 will not load past the receiving of gifts... what is the issue ????

I have to click on my mail to get the gifts and to return them, but when I am finished and click on Play will not load.. I have installed and re-installed Flash Player and Java...they are both up to date.

Monday12  asks
I can not get into to play Farmville2 or any of the other zynga games.

I have changed my password numerous times and it keeps telling my that I am not using the right password even though I have changed my password.

anafuentes  asks
estoy jugando farmville2 y no me sale el nuevo puesto donde vende uno loque a cosinado

e estado biendo que mis vesinos tienen el nuevo puesto para vender suscosas y an estado resibiendopremios y ami no me a yegado nada porfabor ayuda co esto no quiero atrasarme me gusta muncho el juego ayuda gracias

hazel2002  asks
when I load Farmville2 it has a purple screen and at level 1

I have been trying to load farmville 2 for most of the day. It never loads, it has a purple screen and on level 1, with the purple screen does that mean that I have been hacked? I really don't want to have to delete and reload again I am on leve

toaddyspuddler  asks
i have £66 farm bucks to add to my farmville2 account

finnally i got the farm bucks owed to me, but i cannot get them added to my farmville2 account?????????? please add to my farmville account, thank you

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