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Nina1952  asks
Two concerns in Farmville2. 1) No more challenges 2) When leveling up not able to buy trough.

I have reached level 22 in Farmville2. I do not have any more challenges that have always showed up before, on the left side of the page! Aren't they supposed to be there? Also, I thought I was supposed to be able to purchase another water trou

Moxiebear  asks
I have not been able to load farmville2 last time I was able to get on was yesterday

I have reinstalled the flash player and all it does is shows the welcome screen with the bar at the bottom that shows how much has loaded and when it gets to about 90% it just stops and stays there. My farm never comes up.

poodlemomma  asks
I signed in on my home PC, logged onto Farmville2, it shut me down saying I was logged on somewhere

else and to continue playing there... where is there... I only have 1 computer?

julianas  asks
Tenia el nivel 33 en Farmville2 y esta semana cuando entre el lunes veo que me pone que soy nueva

Cuando entro al juego me pone que soy nueva en nivel 0 y sin vecinos. A ver si me pueden dar una solucion

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