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spywoman  asks
My games continue to be slow, they do not load completely I have done all of the "troubleshooting"

the game has missing buildings when it loads. it will load if i use the refresh. i should not have to do this every time i want to play. the game play is extremely slow. i have had to wait up to 2 minutes for a quest to load. very frustrating! wh

tutus1  asks
I have been problems still for the past few months with troubleshooting. The game does not load.

Castleville is always frozen or not loading and keeps crashing when I play the game each time. This has been going on for months. I have been contacting the help center and they are not helping me. I have had this problem since last year. I play on g

jdub224  asks
I just updated and it loads and works for a min then it crashes. I have tried troubleshooting

I would like to have additional time to play the Cupid mission since today was the first day I could get the app to actually load but it crashes shortly after.

desertlillie  asks
Here we go again. I can't rqst items from zfriends. Tried troubleshooting. still no luck. Now what

For two months I was unable to request items from my zfriends. I got it back for a week and now it's happening again. How do we fix this permanently?

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