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jpl130  asks
I just bought a new computer with windows 8. Now I cant get the game to load to play.

I have tried updating the flash player and doing all the troubleshooting options they gave nothing has worked. PLEASE HELP!!

babytazz  asks
Fv 2 won't load

FV 2 won't load and I did all the troubleshooting step from zynga gave me and still won't load for me to play on facebook and

scrappinmom22  asks
Game Not Loading

I play via Facebook on my PC. My game will not load past 29%. I have cleared my cache and followed all other troubleshooting tips. Please advise.

burjalarab04  asks
mini cow

I do not get my mini cow. All Quest done, but I can not redeem it. Ask for troubleshooting Thank for the help.

debdeb1231  asks
Regarding the message envelope/Inbox have not had it for a week now?

I've done the troubleshooting and still unable to view or collect my messages or gifts. Thank you, Please advice Your FarmVille2 player

StarThroat  asks
After the most recent update, I can no longer log into Facebook.

I did all the troubleshooting suggested on your site, and except for uninstalling the game, it won't connect. If I do uninstall, do I lose all my progress

msherbi  asks
I can't seem to keep my game saved.

I have followed all of the troubleshooting hints. i have now leveled up to 66 four times. It seems to happen when someone sends me something.

kikz09  asks
Farmville 2 stuck at loading screen

Please fix this problem. I can't play Farmville it always stuck at the loading screen and can only answer to mail notifications. I already tried the troubleshooting, but it did not work.

MarwanSalem  asks
I can not load my farm for two days now!?

The progress loading bar stops 20% before completion and nothing happen, I made all troubleshooting required to ensure that it is not a connectivity or laptop technical problems, please help Zynga, I think it is my account problem

calores  asks
where should I go to report my Whoops-a-Daisy problem its been a week since it started I cant play

when I try to open my farm it appears to have a Whoops-a-Daisy error I followed the troubleshooting steps and nothing what else can I do i wanna to contact a tec or write Zynga but where to?

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