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birdbrain71  asks
My screen keeps getting the Aww snap notice and I have done all the troubleshooting it suggested??

It only happens with FarmVille2 and none of the other games. It moves slow and I have to reload it about every ten minutes. Are there other things I can try to fix this? I use Google Chrome and have had the same issues on Firefox and Explorer.

jdub224  asks
I just updated and it loads and works for a min then it crashes. I have tried troubleshooting

I would like to have additional time to play the Cupid mission since today was the first day I could get the app to actually load but it crashes shortly after.

MayzieG  asks
Farmville2 is not loading (blank white screen)

I have followed all of the troubleshooting tips for loading and connectivity. Any other suggestions?

Karla1983  asks
Crashing on Kindle Fire Hd

I've gone through all basic troubleshooting but the game keeps crashing. What's going on?

anastazija21  asks
I can't download Farmville2 game. Can you fix it?

I tried all the options with troubleshooting, but still does not work. Please fix ASAP.

narvik  asks
The game is not loading all way.

I have done all basic troubleshooting steps. HELP!! What can I do????

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