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MissJen  asks

Can someone please help me out, my page is constantly crashing every other minute!! I can't play this way!!!

lilmama21  asks

it always says shockwave flash has crashed

Delkar  asks

Ok Castleville keeps on crashing...Flash shockwave Player or something...What to do? Can you help?

lillamickis69  asks

every i log in to play my game crashes within minutes saying shock wave stopped working even though my google chrome is up to date

tater0224  asks

game keeps crashing and I have went to plug ins and everything is in order., Can you please help fix the problem. Shockwave Crash

suezqskingdom  asks

Castleville always crashes...what's it got to do with Jan 18th? I also get a white screen whenever I post for an item but then after about a minute I get the kingdom - no exclamation appears. Only the puzzle piece appears but clearing cache ne

carlitangel525  asks

I am having a very hard time with this game for the past few months. Every time I visit a neighbor my game crashes. I also frequently happens during game play which is not so bad but I need to accumulate dust for quest and I am not able. Please help

MNiezgoda  asks

What a waste of time. Every 5 min the game crashes, I try to visit my neighbors the game crashes. You can't play for more than 10 min consecutively, because the GAME CRASHES! This has been going on for months now. If you want people to play

booboo0820  asks

This is the only game that I play that continually crashes all the time. Its getting very frustrating while your in the middle of doing something it crashes. Its not my computer either, its this game!!! You would think they would know how to fix this

sharene  asks

for the past week the game has been freezing and crashing plus Family Man quest is not allowing me to finsh building it keeps saying quest is not finshed when I am trying to unlock it for the house and when I try to just click the house it still won&

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