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pooh1965  asks
help with Castleville

I haven't been able to play Castleville in almost a week. After a few clicks "saving game" comes on and everything freezes-nothing saves. When can you fix my game? It does the same thing when I try to play on Zynga. HELP

AWMT  asks
Problems to move two Items!!!

The first Item is the blue Circle from the Alastair saving Quest. All Crystals are destroyed, but i can't move the Circle -.- The second is a Thief them i have charmed into a chicken. The chicken have the red shine, but no enemy is there.

stonepony81  asks
Does Zynga care about their players???

I can not receive the needed items for the Christmas quests. No ribbons, no wire for the snowman ornaments. Some where along the way after I put the tree in I lost 62 crowns I bought and have been saving. I want someone from Zynga to get in tough and

CynthiaCynthia  asks
Can't Get Out of Save Mode

For the last two days, I receive a "saving game" message after completing five to ten actions in my kingdom. When I go back to the game, I am back to where I began. I also am unable to collect the daily crowns that I paid for. These prob

amlh  asks
Why the game stops and saves?

I haven't been able to play for 4 days now!!! It keeps stopping and saving the game but never saves anything you've all ready completed. When I go back in to play again, it's always in the same spot I last left it. How do you fix this

JohnnyPrince  asks
How come I am not getting all of my Castleville Premium subscription crowns?

I am suppose to be getting 7 crowns per diem yet I am not receiving all the crown, I am only receiving enough crowns to cover the Regular Subscription amount. I am thinking about subscribing to the Regular and saving 12$ per month since thats all I

Rae321  asks

I'm very upset. I accidentally clicked on a "purchase with crowns" instead of "ask friends" and WASTED my only crowns! I was saving them and now they are gone. I wish the game had a "are you sure you want to purchase thi

nevernever  asks
trouble with castleville

I have been having trouble with castleville for several days now. every time I do few tasks, a sign comes up saying "saving game" and then it freezes. I log out and back in again and the same thing happens and everything I did is gone and i

KimBukal  asks
What happens to my crowns ?

Why do my crowns go away when saving the game notice comes up ? I have lost the crowns I had at the time 5 different times ****** were earned watching ads and others I purchased. Kim Bukal

jovana04  asks
Crowns and crafting

i need you to answare me a two questions. First i had 21 crowns on my account and right now i have just one, and i have not spent tham. And second when i craft something and i colect it i dont have, so i must craft again and again i dont have anythin

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