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esther456  asks
heaps of issues

since a few weeks, castleville has more issues than ever; i list a few of the most annoying issues: - quests not showing - love bridge missing - extremely slow loading of the game and even slower to load your neighbours land - activity feeds not work

laughingtree  asks
Is there anyone in technical help? Are you looking to get sued?

The tradesman tower stole my crafting buildings. Flash keeps crashing. I can't create items for quests when you have stolen my crafting buildings. Why the heck do you keep pumping out quests when there are other problems preventing loyal players

iamkalijo  asks
Game didn't save a day's activity

Yesterday, being Sunday, meant I played Castleville quite a bit more than normal and got a lot accomplished. I logged into today and found that all that work is gone! It was crashing on me a lot, but that's sadly normal. I made a lot of tiger

marcela430  asks
quest 4/8 potions master, collection from the brewery not counting towards quest????

quest 4 of 8 from the potions master, asks u to collect 3 times, i've collected 4 times and it's not counting towards my quest. also, i can't play more than 4 minutes without the came crashing!!!! i've cleared the cache and histor

LorrieGott  asks
WOW - I don't CRASH anymore...

I fixed my crashing situation in CV.. I can finally visit and tend royals again.. I crashed even in my own kingdom.. friend told me the FIX............... Force IE 10 into 64-bit mode on Windows 7, means Flash can use oddles of memory without cras

BellaRaven  asks
What's going on?!

Castleville has always been my favourite Zynga game, but lately it's all over the place. I can't finish quests because of bugs (flux resetter for example), it keeps crashing on google chrome despite being the recommended software! and quest

SheetsL  asks
Can't complete the quests the last 4 new ones.

I have been making the stuff and I have nothing to show for it. Game will not give me credit for doing them so I can't do them.Plus none of my friends are showing up on the castleville list to ask for stuff the ones that are it don't play a

magdalena123  asks

I was playing on facebook ans since game was crashing on facebook i was try to log in from zynga made account and there begin problems ,my kingom first reset to level 1 after that i folowed instuctions cleared cache and cookies and try again but now

PrincessShari  asks
The game used my crowns but did not give me what I "bought."

I used crowns to make two keys for the support tower. If you look at my history, you can see how much $$$ I have foolishly spent on crowns, trying to complete these crashing tasks. Ergo, the game taking crowns from my inventory and NOT giving me wh

Pandora4  asks
opting out

I am not going to be able to finish my quests unless I can opt out of the beta platform. It still has too many bugs and I would like to be able to go back to the original. The crashing is bad enough. I use google chrome and cannot stay on for long be

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