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A compilation of Feeds, Posting and Gifts

WarhammerTX  asks

My wife and I both play FV2 she can see all my requests and awards on her FB page but I cant see anything she request or posts. We play on seperate computers in our home

Marcea  asks

My posts aren't showing up for other players to help me build. I checked the language and it's set on English so that's not the problem. What is? I have been waiting weeks to finish building. I have all the items except the things I ne

megandaly  asks

When I post something for FV2 none of my friends who play the game can see them and it's driving me insane, this has been happening for quite a while and I would like to know if there is a solution

The Limits of Collecting From Feeds

Some pointers about the limits of collections in the feeds of FarmVille 2

Items that are limited inside our Inventory

A guide for items that we collect daily

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