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farmvillemona  asks
i want to play!!!!!!!!!

hi every one told me to annouce my issue on chat live ro email on contact us !!!!i dont have none of them!!!!!!!!!ilooked very well and nothing!!!!!!!!!i have a big problem !!!!!!!all my animals are goneand a few buildings!!!!!!!!what can i do???????

LeeMB  asks
Removing FV2 Neighbours

Can we please have an official answer (as knowone seems to know) as to how we can remove neighbours. 85% of my neighbours either do not play or are blatent cheaters and I want them removed. We should not have to contact Zynga to remove neighbours -we

MadamAsh  asks
how do you get farm bucks back.

Its imposible to send or contact Zynga. I clicked the wrong button and used farmbucks to buy a stupid chilli balloon. No screen popped up to ask if you were aware of the transaction and just took my bucks ARGHHH. How do we contact zynga to see if the

Amlm87  asks
For the last days I haven't been able to send or recieve gifts, ask for items, help ect?

Tried tthree browsers, delete cache in browser and flash, deleted and reinstalled app.. Nothing works. Cannot contact support while I'm in-game.

tazjink  asks
Peach Lemonade is not crediting to task for expanding

I have crafted the peach Lemonade and it is not crediting to my task so I can expand, Someone needs to fix this !!!!!!! I see that I am not the only one with this problem and for some reason this is the only way to contact support

lea75  asks
Cannot complete my butterfly house!!

Every time I click to ask for flower cuttings it posts it posts to my wall that I have left over parts for my butterfly house and so friends are not able to send me flower cuttings!! How am I suppose to get over this? Am not even able to contact zyng

jacomienwis  asks
horse wild expantion

I purchased the wild horse expantion but it kept my coins and didnt give me the land. I tried to contact you and clicked "fix this" buttons several times but nothing! Help needed please With kind regards, Jacomien

Suzi28  asks
Not getting items purchased with Farm Bucks

This is *****!!!! How can other players support assist me with a problem I have of not receiving items purchased with Farm Bucks? Why are there no direct contact details to the organisers who are the only ones who can help with these types of issues?

samhueinn888  asks
I'm going to quit you FV2

I am sick and tired of FV2 freezing up after I enter the workshop, this issue needs to be taken care of, and since you Zynga ***** make it nearly impossible, if not extremely difficult to contact, I'm taking my case to the people. Eat a *****!

no1fisherman  asks
My horse for reaching level 51 in Puzzle Charms

I was told to contact the farm ville 2 team from Diga (moderator ) on Puzzle Charms cross promotion. Informs me you can add this horse to my account Thanks.

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