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mikru89  asks
Things missing!

For some reason, I was supended from FarmVille2 for 1 day. There was just a message saying something about me breaking the Terms and Conditions for FarmVille2. When I get back in the game today, lots of stuff has changed on my farm and things are mis

th1jamie  asks
Where or how do I email Zynga about an item I accidentally sold in the game

I sold my house by accident and would like to know if i can get it back without having to purchase again...not sure how or where to contact Zynga to ask

geckodolphin81  asks
I do not have a workshop.

I have looked everywhere. Inventory, Market. Nothing. All of my quests are stalled now for making things in a workshop I do not have. I can not contact support because apparently their site is down. Help PLEASE!


Your FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, resulting in a 2-day suspension. We strive to protect the integrity of the game for everyone who enjoys FarmVille 2. Your account will be accessible on 5/18/201

VanessaDeBeer  asks
Farmbucks not uploading

I bought Farmbucks last nihgt through my mobile. The payment was confirmed and money deducted from my mobile. Now the Farmbucks are still not showing on my game? Who can I contact with regards to this?

Ranally  asks
How do I reach a live customer support person?

I have been charged twice for the beginners starter package - and only got credited for 1. The first charge was for 7.00 because I had completed the free 3 credit offer by supplying my credit card information. I didn't get anything for the 7.

kajingl  asks
can't plant oats

still no county fair..........can't plant oats., no way to contact zynga by e-mail. more and more people are quitting to many problems. asking for help is not working and when post only get one. to many problems.

LeeMB  asks
Removing FV2 Neighbours

Can we please have an official answer (as knowone seems to know) as to how we can remove neighbours. 85% of my neighbours either do not play or are blatent cheaters and I want them removed. We should not have to contact Zynga to remove neighbours -we

metallisa  asks
completed offer yesterday--farm bucks haven't posted

I completed an offer yesterday for Farm Bucks and I have yet to see them post in the game (should've posted immediately). I already contacted TrialPay and they confirmed, through email, that I did complete the offer. They said I need to contac

marz1  asks
I harvested 67 garlic, sold 60 and didn't get money for sale?......

I refreshed page, and still I didn't receive money! Has anyone else experienced this problem with this quest, Experimental Remedies? Do I have to contact Zynga personally about this?

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