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Soleisphere  asks
so I earned a new beehive and then get a whoops a daisy the game shuts down and when I reload it the

beehive is gone, I haven't been able to load a full screen in two days now, WTF is going on with Farmville and why isn't there an email or contact number to call.

Lovekin  asks
farm cash has disappeared overnight, also need another water trough

last night I had 33 farm cash, this morning only 17. I would like to get it back but cant seem to find a way to contact zynga. also what level do you have to be to get 5 water troughs? I am level 31 but it says I have to pay45 farm cash for another o

metallisa  asks
completed offer yesterday--farm bucks haven't posted

I completed an offer yesterday for Farm Bucks and I have yet to see them post in the game (should've posted immediately). I already contacted TrialPay and they confirmed, through email, that I did complete the offer. They said I need to contac

chorley  asks
Activity feed not working

For over a week I have not been able to collect gifts from the activity feed in Zynga. I have been trying to find out how to contact customer support, but keep being passed back to a page telling me to ask another player! This is not going to solve t

becca2885  asks
Where is my chees?

I keep buying new goats and cows that are supposed to drop cheese. The queso quest ends in 6 days and I am not getting any cheese. I am so frustrated. What do I do? Who can I contact to get my cheese. Or will I have to say buh-bye farmville2

Lin767  asks

THIS IS A MESSAGE I GOT WHEN TRYING TO BUY FARM CASH; Zynga Payment Error zCode288 We are unable to accept payments on your account. If you would like an investigation into your account to see if it is eligible for reinstatement, please contact Zynga

gracielicious27  asks

zynga didn't respond to any bug complaints i have reported.. :( so disappointing! I can't complete my quests in farmville2 because my CRAFTING KILN is missing for almost 5 days now!! is there anybody knows how to contact them and let them k

panther5141  asks
leveled up to 28 and my crops and trees did not mature... got an error and reloaded the screen....

This is the second time this has happened..... can anything be done how come u can not contact zynga customer support anymore ????? and talk to a person ?????

jacomienwis  asks
horse wild expantion

I purchased the wild horse expantion but it kept my coins and didnt give me the land. I tried to contact you and clicked "fix this" buttons several times but nothing! Help needed please With kind regards, Jacomien

kristijo5  asks
I am not getting anything that I have to post to get!!

I am getting materials that I ask friends for, but nothing that has to post to my newsfeed. It always says message sent and I can see it on my newsfeed. SUPER FRUSTRATING!!! And it is totally f'd up that you can no longer contact Zygna. One more

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