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BrookieBe  asks
Tried to expand land and it took 50,000 of my coins.

It took 50,000 of my coins and it didn't expand the land. Now it's saying I need 50,000 to expand. I just want my land expanded or my 50,000 coins back. =( I can't figure out how to contact Zynga. Help?

hms513  asks
Farmville 2 farmbucks

Why is it that every other zynga game other than farmville 2 allows you to earn farm "cash" via game play without having to buy or complete offers? Also I can't even contact customer support directly anymore with game issues... seems z

czesionyo  asks
Lack of Plane, Prized Animals Pasture and new buidlung missing?

Hello, I'm level 65 and I'm missing 3 things from F2. All my friends got them but I never recived any missions in regards to things above. Any chance anyone have the same issue or know who I should contact with in order to obtain them?

mslucy  asks
not getting gifts from friends have been asking for two days. also my requests for farmhands says i

I have asked friends if they have received and they say no. I need to finish quests, but cannot contact anyone to get it fixed.

clayton71740  asks
sheepish subjects

I fed 4 sheep & sold 5 wool and none of this registered.Support no longer exists so I have no one to contact about my completing the SHEEPISH SUBJECTS QUEST - WHAT DO I DO NOW ?

ProgressiveHome  asks
What is Issue 26 and how can I fix it?

My son is very upset that his game has been suspended and despite trying to contact ZyngaSupport several times, no one has responded to help him. He was in the process of various quests, all expired so he has lost all that progress. That is upsetti

sparkle2013  asks
Why does my game keep reloading?

My game continuously reloads. I can accept gifts and complete help requests on the pop up screen but after I close that screen the game automatically reloads. This has been going on for 2 days. I've tried loading through facebook and

Amlm87  asks
For the last days I haven't been able to send or recieve gifts, ask for items, help ect?

Tried tthree browsers, delete cache in browser and flash, deleted and reinstalled app.. Nothing works. Cannot contact support while I'm in-game.

raelie936  asks
FV@ for 2 days has not worked and we have a timed quest running. It takes over 10 minutes ...

for the gift section to come up. Then none of that appears. I have sent 50+ friends to help for the 4 I need in the truck, I have seen more than that in the gift section yet its not loading them there. There is no more "contact zynga" "

geckodolphin81  asks
I do not have a workshop.

I have looked everywhere. Inventory, Market. Nothing. All of my quests are stalled now for making things in a workshop I do not have. I can not contact support because apparently their site is down. Help PLEASE!

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