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gnik3kul  asks
where do i get a workshop from

i am having to resort to asking this here as i cannot find a contact us link for the developers or even a live chat link does anyone know where i can get a workshop from ?

voconnor  asks
Not able to post request ..etc....

I am not able to post request, ask for farm hands, or ask for products such as sugar? I have tried emailing support by going to contact us in the right hand lower I suppose to contact support another way. 3 emails doesn't seem to be

vinalovespurple  asks

When I open my application I'm surprise when I saw that my game is back from the scratch. I don't know what is happening. My game is gone. What to do? I am finding the link where I can directly contact but I can't find it.

VanessaDeBeer  asks
Farmbucks not uploading

I bought Farmbucks last nihgt through my mobile. The payment was confirmed and money deducted from my mobile. Now the Farmbucks are still not showing on my game? Who can I contact with regards to this?

sangatlicin  asks
PLEASE respond & help me, I lost my farm this has been 1 WEEK

please respond and help me this has been 1 week n I still no get any respond and I dont know how to contact zynga costumer service I can't find any zynga contact costumer service button in those site I has send to admin&

Annie574751  asks
help with FV2 and the fair

I need help, ever since the fair was introduced I've got nothing but problems. Can someone contact me so I can get the problems fixed?

cam5686  asks
How do I talk to an actual person?

My farmville 2 game will not load. The screen is just blurred out and to the right I can still see the activity stream. I have read other posts about this and an Admin responds saying to go to a website. I find out its a scam. So now I am trying to f

teamsowers  asks
Missing Farm Bucks Purchased 9/25/2013

I purchased $50 of farm bucks yesterday, 9/25/2013 and they have never been applied to my account. I can provide/forward my paypal receipt to you. Please contact me to get this resolved.

Lasma  asks
Why I dont get my pig if all 4 are redeem?

I redeem all 4 items with truffles but I'm not getting pig!! I can proof it because I took picture! How I can contact Zynga to send picture??

MargueritaDhm  asks
Where is the pop up for the garden shed?

I've tried to logout and log back in with no avail. It's not in my storage or anywhere else. Could you please contact me and let me know something?? I would really appreciate it.

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