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Gaea  asks

why do you not answer me?? i emaild and as answer i got i have to get in contact with a m o d e r a t o r, but you do not answer me

Helen1973  asks
I have problem harvesting my henhouse!

I have 10 hens and at first I could harvest my henhouse. But one day the henhouse sign told me that I needed one more hen, next day two more hens and now three hens more before I can harvest. My friend only have six hens and she can harvest her henho

hms513  asks
Farmville 2 farmbucks

Why is it that every other zynga game other than farmville 2 allows you to earn farm "cash" via game play without having to buy or complete offers? Also I can't even contact customer support directly anymore with game issues... seems z

Lrides  asks
I expanded my land (level 20) it took all money and chainsaws, but not expanded.

The goats came and cleared it but then the window crashed and when it reloaded it was unexpanded and it had taken everything off me to purchase the expansion. How do i fix or contact someone to fix it please

Featherdust  asks
How to remove a neighbor?

Somehow one of my neighbors got hacked and their name comes up twice on the game. How can I remove the 2nd one that is bogus or hacked? I contact the gamer and he said he was hacked. This person is not with Zinga.

Topher46254  asks
Players Questions

If you are asking questions about FV2 game play please state your level in the game as your level in the game will help the other players answer your questions. Also, please remember this is a player to player forum and NOT actually Zynga support. Yo

biljana72  asks
Why can not get the support of Zynga?

Hello everyone, why can i get only help the players, nowhere does not appear to me to contact Zynga, how to send them an email at least? I could not ask gifts, my neighbors disappear somewhere, I get gifts that are not included in the gift box .....

ellajay2013  asks
Why did my chicks disappear?

Apparently this is turning into a common problem. Paid for my chicks and they went away when I fed them -- either 2 or 3 chicks. Use Facebook to contact me. Thank you.

dallasfan45601  asks
Is anyone else having problems with the camera for the family reunion?

For the past week every time I click on the camera to complete the steps, it tells me Whoops-a-daisy...I was going to contact game support but can't seem to find the link for them =( Any help??

nikkilynn037  asks
I have finished all the baking and crafting requests 3-4 times over and am not being credited for it

This is for the Pamper that finicky horse. how do i contact the creater of this game to see about getting creidited for this and is anyone else having this problem

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