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SPaine  asks
Starter Pack for Farmville 2

I just purchased the starter pack for Farmville 2 and the charge is showing on my credit card, however the credits and money did not show up when I logged back into Farmville 2. Now what do we do? The screen went blank during the transaction. Plea

LoriSunshine  asks
The player feed is not allowing me to accept supplies saying I have accepted too many? help....

It will let me accept 1 or 2 every 12 hrs or so and for some reason I can not contact support. Please help...

mightymarvin  asks
Does anyone read these?

Does anyone read these? Really? Does anything get fixed? I just tried to change my email address and can't even get that done! I've been playing FV2 for the last few days and tonight when I levelled up all my farm bucks disappeared! So- how

Reptorian  asks
30 farm bucks for singing in to the PayPal account.

I singed to PayPal by clicking on a button near my game window while I was playing, but I didn't get my 30 farm bucks. How can I contact with the farmville support directly?

Helen1973  asks
I have problem harvesting my henhouse!

I have 10 hens and at first I could harvest my henhouse. But one day the henhouse sign told me that I needed one more hen, next day two more hens and now three hens more before I can harvest. My friend only have six hens and she can harvest her henho

ChrisSnider  asks
Did not receive 200 farm barks

I did the Verve card application, i even added a funding source and all. I got nothing. I tried the contact link you have been posting. It does not WORK. So please help me.

Cps2013  asks
No Farm Rewards

I had a list of things to do on the left side of my screen i have accomplished them multiple times and it has not rewarded me or gave me another list of tasks. How do i contact Zynga Support?

Mistella  asks
Is there a known glitch? Animals all stopped producing once they become "prize" animals!

Every single one of my animals stopped producing once they reached "prize" animal level. No eggs, no milk, no cheese producing x3days. WHAT is that?! Is this a known glitch? Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, who do I contact? Than

FurqanSaeed  asks
Account Suspended

This error comes: our FarmVille 2 account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, resulting in a 1-day suspension. We strive to protect the integrity of the game for everyone who enjoys FarmVille 2. Your account will be accessi

Mrspurll  asks
Where have my fruitcakes gone?

I have made fruitcakes for the carriageride and they have disappeared, as have some of the farm bucks i've purchased. I'm trying to contact Zynga but can't find our how.

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