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daboltons  asks
No inbox & no way to contact customer service for help. Is anybody else thinking it's time to quit?

We (my four children and I--plus many others by the look of it) have gone through all the steps to "fix" this latest bug and nothing is resolving it. Tasks are not being completely on time. Thus, rewards are being lost and effort wasted. N

SimplyAH  asks
Why aren't my gifts from neighbors getting to my inbox and why can't I connect fence parts?

I receive 10-20 gifts per day from neighbors but never actually GET them. They're in my inbox, I click "accept", then nothing! When I try to build fences, they won't connect and God forbid I already had a fence and tried to move

clancygirl2  asks
I still haven't been able to acess my inbox to recieve and give requests....could you please get it

I have had hundreds of them since Ive started playing and am waiting for the problem to be fixed.....PLEASE....

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