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jakester  asks
When neighbors send me fertilizer gifts to my inbox I dont get them credited on my farm....

My farm could be at - 0 on fertilizer and still when i open my inbox to collect gifts of fertilizer nothing happens !

erineales  asks
Why can't I open my inbox now and why when I click on friends posts don't I get it aswell?

For the past few weeks (3-4) I can't open my inbox at all to receive or send requests. Also when I click on peoples posts some of them I don't receive 1 to. Also My bonus checkers (multiple) aren't working for the game either it says t

clancygirl2  asks
I still haven't been able to acess my inbox to recieve and give requests....could you please get it

I have had hundreds of them since Ive started playing and am waiting for the problem to be fixed.....PLEASE....

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