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geneh698278  asks
Can not open my farm

I can not open my farm at all. It just comes up a green screen and I can hear the sounds but thats it. This is getting very frustrating. been like this for two days now.

Damechatelaine  asks
Not able to complete quest

I need to feed my Prized Chicken 3 times. I have been doing that for approx 5-6 days now and I am not getting credit for that. Help please. I am stuck!

cook  asks
why does my game not load

please can anyone help my game wont load past 80% i have tried upgrading my flash player and also clearing browsers cache but nothing works

lovegames12  asks
not able to add Community neighbors

I have the settings saved so many times to "add community neighbors", however, still unable to add community neighbors. How to fix the issue? Thanks!

Jacnpete  asks
Not able to access Farmville 2

Zynga not loading at all on Safari, so am trying Firefox in order to get help. What am I doing wrong?

sdkcalik  asks
not filled the yellow bar ?

not filled the yellow bar

PedroSpain  asks
Starter pack paid and not received

Hi, few days ago I purchased the starter pack for Farmville 2 and I have not received nothing. The cost of pack ($5) was charged in my credit card.. I hope you can help me. Many thanks.

mballen  asks
Mushroom shack not in inventory

the Shroom shack that is supposed to be in inventory disappeared. where is it?

tristbyrd  asks
Not receiving baby bottles after requesting them.

I have been playing this game for weeks now and have not had any issues getting the baby bottles I have requested from my neighbors. My wife also plays and she sees my request and sends me one but I never get it. This has been going on for days now

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