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dianeg  asks
My beehive does not work.

I haven't been able to access the page that shows the honeycomb since the beehives were first introduced. I've written Zynga at least 5 times regarding this and they do not help. Anyone have any other suggestions? I can't get into t

Courty  asks
Fireworks Not Working On Crops

I have harvested TONS of Crops and have maybe gotten 4 fireworks , I have fertalized them and everything , WHAT ELSE can I do beside ask for them that I am not getting the

MzWahine  asks
My Farm will not load.

I've been trying for the last 4-5days to get onto my farm and i get nothing but blank page.. whats going on???

kaanssenol  asks
3.Day not opened farmville 2

3.Day not opened farmville 2 white screen not loading ı not happens?

homer13090  asks
Why can I not expand?????

farmerhunt  asks
My county fair will not load

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. It is hard to advance in the game.

atomikbeti  asks
This is not my farm!!!!

When I open farmwille 2 its not my farm its different. I was 30 level . This is 5 level. Where is my farm? I don't want play anymore. Please help meeee

Lorisme  asks
Missing items/Farm not saving changes

I am having mulltiple issues as to the refreshes after the "whoops" messages. I had completed my christmas tree quests and won the Winter Clydesdale, then that disappeared and my quest doesnt appear to be complete anymore. I feed my goats

JoanLambourn  asks
game will not load anymore,,

stops about 3/4 of way threw load,, have upgraded every thing and reloaded everything , just will not load since the 3D stuff started to happen

Amelaaaaaaaa  asks
I can not open claims :(

I can not open claims, everything blurs and blocks a game and I can't run anything, I can't generally get in the game because claims can not be opened :( Please help me !

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