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princehunjan  asks
my game is not saving??

Game is saving and goes back each and every time i play on zynga but it get saved if i play on facebook?? I reported earlier... Its been a week....!!!!!!!!!!!!

junebell8329  asks
Quest requests are not going through

Over the last several days I have requested sticky paper, brushes, those purple carrots and propane to complete quests. It says message sent (to who I dont know) and it never gets furthur than that, friends do not see request, requests are not accept

Disgusted2  asks
Crafted items not counting toward goals

I am having issues with the crafted items not counting toward my goals. This is the 2nd time I have crafted an item and not received credit for it.. When the Pecan trees take 8hr to harvest and you only get 3 per tree, it really ticks me off to wait

crabylady  asks
Gifts Not Showing Up In Inventory

Why is it that I click on the gifts and they don't show up in my inventory now for the past couple of days? I have accepted several gifts of baby bottles and sugar, but did not receive them in my inventory, so I am unable to feed baby animals a

Domen  asks
I can not log in

I can not log in to Zinga. Evrytime I log on writes: You are ineligible to register for What is goin on?

boblaura120  asks
I need fv2 FRIENDS not neighbors.

I never get items I post for because I only have one fv2 "friend". The rest are neighbors. No one I know plays. I cannot get any help with anything I post. Therefore I will get nowhere. What should I do?

Darkmstf  asks
Farmhands & Items NOT working for days

I see on the "old" forum everyone complaining about the same thing as I am ... cannot request Farmhands, nor salt/sugar, etc. from FV2 friends. Just not working! Can we please get it fixed? Thanks!

farmerhunt  asks
My county fair will not load

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. It is hard to advance in the game.

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