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kimheeae1986  asks
Quest wall post not showing up

I posted quest posts yesterday and again today for nettles and aprons. I have my settings to post on certain people's news feeds and walls, but even I can't find them. It says it's posted, but there is absolutely no evidence anywhere

dianeg  asks
My beehive does not work.

I haven't been able to access the page that shows the honeycomb since the beehives were first introduced. I've written Zynga at least 5 times regarding this and they do not help. Anyone have any other suggestions? I can't get into t

MzWahine  asks
My Farm will not load.

I've been trying for the last 4-5days to get onto my farm and i get nothing but blank page.. whats going on???

LorenzCadarao  asks
Not Loading White Screen.. please help

Dear Zynga, Why my Farmville 2 is doesn't loading please construct it more faster this game is my favorite game in Facebook and no one cant stop me doing this game because i love this game and Most of the filipino love zynga game first of all yo

homer13090  asks
Why can I not expand?????

atomikbeti  asks
This is not my farm!!!!

When I open farmwille 2 its not my farm its different. I was 30 level . This is 5 level. Where is my farm? I don't want play anymore. Please help meeee

JoanLambourn  asks
game will not load anymore,,

stops about 3/4 of way threw load,, have upgraded every thing and reloaded everything , just will not load since the 3D stuff started to happen

Amelaaaaaaaa  asks
I can not open claims :(

I can not open claims, everything blurs and blocks a game and I can't run anything, I can't generally get in the game because claims can not be opened :( Please help me !

Holly1952  asks
why am I not getting dairy

no credits for dairy. All my animals are prized and I am at max. What should I so. Can't afford new trough or can't buy. Suggestions? very frustrating! Might just remove it from my computer and stop playing

racerfan  asks
Not being able to post

For some reason my friends are not seeing my share post when I need help..I still can not get my tree done...

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