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beckynotts  asks
My account will not load

My account has not loaded properly for about 4 days now, i get on once a day if im lucky. Ive cjecked my computer and other games and they are fine

fergarcia  asks
my farm is not loading

hi , my farm is not loading, is there a problem with farms not loading?

MzWahine  asks
My Farm will not load.

I've been trying for the last 4-5days to get onto my farm and i get nothing but blank page.. whats going on???

CassyD  asks
Zynga account and Farmville account not connecting

How do I sync my zynga account with my facebook account? Playing farmville 2 and on zynga has me at level 4 but I am at level 38 on facebook!

Surriball  asks
not getting the new expansions

My neighbors have been getting the new expansions thats on the left side of the farm. We're on the same level, and I still dont have them, and they got them several days ago.

Courty  asks
Fireworks Not Working On Crops

I have harvested TONS of Crops and have maybe gotten 4 fireworks , I have fertalized them and everything , WHAT ELSE can I do beside ask for them that I am not getting the

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