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HeavnNEarthMama  asks
My Inbox is not showing up!!

I cannot receive any gifts or help, because my Inbox won't open. I don't even see it most of the time, even with refreshing. I know that I am being sent gifts and help, because I receive FB notifications, but I cannot get the gifts! Th

MannieE  asks
Not Receiving Credit for quest.

Quest to adopt Black Arabian horse "Unbridled Attraction"...did the complete quest, feed bottled to adulthood, then feed. Have credit for adopting and feeding the adult horse but raising it to adulthood????

Jas99  asks
My farm will not load!

All I get is a blank green page when I try to open my farm. I have the newest Adobe Flash Player and my mom's farm loads on this computer. Could anyone help me so I can check on my animals please?

upara  asks
Why not get from friends

Why not get from friends. I like to expand my farm.

SeanandPaddy  asks
My inventory is not working

If you click on the inventory icon the store doors open but nothing is displayed?

PedroSpain  asks
Starter pack paid and not received

Hi, few days ago I purchased the starter pack for Farmville 2 and I have not received nothing. The cost of pack ($5) was charged in my credit card.. I hope you can help me. Many thanks.

tristbyrd  asks
Not receiving baby bottles after requesting them.

I have been playing this game for weeks now and have not had any issues getting the baby bottles I have requested from my neighbors. My wife also plays and she sees my request and sends me one but I never get it. This has been going on for days now

Domen  asks
I can not log in

I can not log in to Zinga. Evrytime I log on writes: You are ineligible to register for What is goin on?

twistedballroom  asks
'Give one to get one' not working

I would like to know why the shared accomplishments are not giving or getting. I click on the "give one and get one" button and it reroutes me to my game instead of giving me the items.

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