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zabela  asks
fortune charm not registering on river expansion

i have made fortune charmed 9 time but it never appeared on on the quest expansion plz help

kimmyz72  asks
Not getting credit for feeding my sheep.

On one of the quest that I recently got where I have to feed one of my sheep, I am not getting credit for feeding them, I have fed 4 of my sheep but is still saying that I have not feed any of them on Farmville 2.

ionutlupu  asks
me farmville 2 is not working

me farmville still not working i try open it for a few month now but i still no have any answer from zynga or facebook can u help me open it again pls ? i no think is so nice nobody help us ,,,

hlkane  asks
Game will not fully load farm.

I am only able to play farmville 2 on facebook which does not give me all the benefits of zynga friends and items. I have checked all the game requirements and made sure all my adobe flash etc is current and up to date. Please help, not sure what to

ekhici  asks
my game do not open ......:(

my game do not open ...... :(

FameHungry  asks
Farmville 2 not loading on Zynga?

This has been going on for 2 days now. All I see is the blurry background image.

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