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Darkmstf  asks
Farmhands & Items NOT working for days

I see on the "old" forum everyone complaining about the same thing as I am ... cannot request Farmhands, nor salt/sugar, etc. from FV2 friends. Just not working! Can we please get it fixed? Thanks!

jenifer1977  asks

Seriously I haven't been getting cheese for a long time now. I even started buying more and more dairy animals so I could produce more cheese. AND still I get nothing. I get fertilizer sometimes instead of the cheese. I can't do my missions

lovegames12  asks
not able to add Community neighbors

I have the settings saved so many times to "add community neighbors", however, still unable to add community neighbors. How to fix the issue? Thanks!

HHogue  asks
Lemonade not counting on quest

on Maries quest I made the lemonade, but it is not counting

sseetcake  asks
my bucks is not here

neither is my animals

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