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chefjohn69  asks
I am still not getting my goat shelter! Why not?

I have checked my inventory over and over and logged out and then back in and it is still not in there. I am on level 15 and I need it. What can I do to get it. I have spent alot of money in this game and I expect to get the items that I need to p

timesuckaddict  asks
Building/Removing screens not opening

I can not progress on the current nesting tree and I can not clear arock in a new expansion because the screen does not open. Character stands next to item frozen but request/building screen never comes up. Tried many times restarting and nothing cha

JoniL  asks
The store is not working

I have tried to buy animals this morning and also this evening when I got home. CANT NOT. Please fix

malcolmribeiro  asks
county fair is not accessible.

when i click go to county fair. a truck comes and take me and the wagon and then they show my score and then the game freezes. and when i reload it there is again a option go to county fair.

ChessieMcblitz  asks
Prized NH chickens not producing fertilizer.

I purchased FOURTEEN New Hampshire chickens SOLELY because of their ability to produce fertilizer after becoming prized. I possess a screenshot of your offering of this feature, thus am able to submit proof of your promises of such. Please return th

aysenuryaldiz  asks
why, not grow my products

This morning, I jumped level 23, but why not grow my products?

Beck2413  asks
Why ar eitems not correct.

Why are the plants not real? winterberries do not grow on tree. if you had any plant knowledge whatsoever you would know that

fergarcia  asks
not receiving gifts from time line

why do farmville ask for neighbors to get the game going.... after neighbors working on their farms and posting on time line i get this dum messsage "Sorry farmer, you've accepted too many gifts recently.". So my questions is whats the

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