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NotSatisfied  asks
Bee Hive Not Counting Toward Quest

Sharing is Caring: Quest 8 of 8: Bee Frightening. Bee hive not counting towards quest. Harvested twice and still at zero.

MzWahine  asks
My Farm will not load.

I've been trying for the last 4-5days to get onto my farm and i get nothing but blank page.. whats going on???

farmerhunt  asks
My county fair will not load

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. It is hard to advance in the game.

Holly1952  asks
why am I not getting dairy

no credits for dairy. All my animals are prized and I am at max. What should I so. Can't afford new trough or can't buy. Suggestions? very frustrating! Might just remove it from my computer and stop playing

homer13090  asks
Why can I not expand?????

reyelts1  asks
My Farmville 2 will not completely download.

I open my game and it only partially downloads.

Courty  asks
Fireworks Not Working On Crops

I have harvested TONS of Crops and have maybe gotten 4 fireworks , I have fertalized them and everything , WHAT ELSE can I do beside ask for them that I am not getting the

atomikbeti  asks
This is not my farm!!!!

When I open farmwille 2 its not my farm its different. I was 30 level . This is 5 level. Where is my farm? I don't want play anymore. Please help meeee

JoanLambourn  asks
game will not load anymore,,

stops about 3/4 of way threw load,, have upgraded every thing and reloaded everything , just will not load since the 3D stuff started to happen

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