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Jentider  asks
Not being able to receive gifts.

Earlier today, everything was working fine. Now when I try to get my gifts, I click on the Farmville 2 icon and the game loads and says I have to "mail" What is the problem?

EmeraldTiger9  asks
Go To Furnace not working

Ran out of energy while crafting, clicking on go to furnace option. Recipe remains open and I cannot click on Home, furnace, or anything else. Must exit Zynga to continue.

tommyjonas61  asks
expansion purchased but not received

I expanded my swamp and it took the coins and expanded it but it locked up and wouldn't let me access the new expansion. I refreshed the page and now its showing me that i never expanded and i need things to expand it now. but it took my ******

Nileshmogal  asks
New Farm Lands not visible.

I am at level 53 now and about to level to 54. Most of my neighbours can see the new lands available but I cannot see them.

ShalimarWildcat  asks
Watered trees not going Heirloom?

I had a grove of 4 orange trees. I watered them. I tried to prune them 4 shears used up, 1 heirloom tree.

Tory  asks
Not receiving credit for selling garlic?

I have sold 30 garlic so far and it only shows 6 sold. And that was after refreshing the game 3 times.

Courty  asks
Fireworks Not Working On Crops

I have harvested TONS of Crops and have maybe gotten 4 fireworks , I have fertalized them and everything , WHAT ELSE can I do beside ask for them that I am not getting the

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