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kimmyz72  asks
Not getting credit for feeding my sheep.

On one of the quest that I recently got where I have to feed one of my sheep, I am not getting credit for feeding them, I have fed 4 of my sheep but is still saying that I have not feed any of them on Farmville 2.

RaneeMeesh  asks
I can not play the game

always refresh and not open :(

dbellah  asks
game not saving my progress

why cant your people fix this game right, i have spent a lot of time and money just to find out it does not save my progress it does not count all the things i craft in eighter shop. I am at the point of not supporting this company anymore or ever pl

ekhici  asks
my game do not open ......:(

my game do not open ...... :(

hlkane  asks
Game will not fully load farm.

I am only able to play farmville 2 on facebook which does not give me all the benefits of zynga friends and items. I have checked all the game requirements and made sure all my adobe flash etc is current and up to date. Please help, not sure what to

jojo42351  asks
I can not play now!!

Im now unable to get into my farmville 2 game since i got a new computer...any ideas?

tabby88  asks
My inbox will not show up.

I have tried everything from logging out and in several times to not playing for a couple days just to see if it would show and it wont. Can someone please fix this. I can;t finish my tasks without the items in the inbox.

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