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wdwbooks  asks
Crops not fertilized?

I bought (2) 25 packs of fertilizer, used them on my crops, left the game and then came back to find my crops unfertilized, but my farm bucks are still gone. This has happened before, although at the time I didn't realize it until after I refert

farmerwil  asks
Not receiving validation email.

Email address correct. Checked junk and spam folders. Not receiving any emails from farmville 2

sashayez  asks

I have feed all my swans more than 5 times and they are still not becoming prized. Cannot complete quest if they don't what is up

butterflyiowa  asks
Trough not available

I just received the peacock and can't place him because I need a trough. The pop up took me directly to the market where it would be and it isn't there. Please fix

Bluesy  asks
Not getting fertilizer

All of a sudden, I'm not getting fertilizer from my animals. I just bought new ones and for about 2 days they gave fertilizer, but now they don't. What's going on with that?

soulsnatcher08  asks
farmville 2 not working

i do alot on my farmville 2 but after a hour of me getting off i get back on and everything i have done is gone. i am trying to unlock my next plot and i need 9 peach lemonades and i have mad about 8 of them and now it only shows i have made 4 of the

alliep  asks
Request not sending

I send request for items but he notification doesn't go out. I have tried removing the app and reinstalling it. What else do I need to do to correct this?

mjnhoffman  asks
Accepted gifts not crediting

I need someone to help me. I can send, post and receive building, quest and supplies requests, However, they do not get credited. This has been happening for at least a few weeks. Forum posts are not helping, and I do not see this has been resolved

tkwhite6603  asks
help farm not loading

farm won't load, screen that comes up says "oh no...looks like there was a problem.. click here to try again". when I do the same page keeps coming back up. What can we do to fix this?

No1brat77  asks
Farmville 2 Inbox not working

My inbox hasn't worked since I started the game. Also I cannot access my gifts from the application center either

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