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funinpa  asks
Not receiving gifts.

About 3-4 days ago I stopped receiving gifts. I receive help requests, coins but no gifts - camera pieces, ingredients requested, etc. As a result I am unable to complete tasks. I have checked my settings and everything is set as it should be. I

NJCHIP  asks
Request not posting

Ok I have been requesting for weeks now for Items to Build with (spinning wheel, Goat pen, stuff like that) and it seems like they never get posted. I even made another account just to see if anything post and NOTHING. Nothing I post on either a

Kiki809  asks
Hat stand not working

How do I get my hat stand to work? In what world is this question abusive???

peggy10751  asks
truffles not being counted

the white truffles I am getting are not being credited---hopefully zynga can give them back to me and credit them to my quest

dmont1107  asks
did not receive credit!!!!!!!

I purchased farmville bucks but did NOT receive them. I just checked my credit card and I WAS charged for them. Please either give me the farm bucks I rightfully purchased or cancel my purchase from my credit card.

Navarre  asks
Not getting parts

Hi, I don't normally have any problems getting parts I ASK my neighbors for, but for the last couple of days I am not receiving any parts for my Jay Bird House or the Treasure Chest! Dont know if its relevent but I have noticed that he list of

JodiF  asks
Kitchen pages not loading

I've been trying to cook things in my kitchen for almost a week and every time I try to only the first page loads then the rest are blank. I can't complete some of my quest because of that. Can anyone help? Thanks

Lucy1214  asks
Good Fortune Charms not counting

Crafting 5 Good Fortune Charms is not counting towards the expand your farm "Prove your skills" to unlock The Riverside area.

MaxxEmbrey  asks
can not login

Why is it telling me to login and then tells me something went wrong.and i keep trying. i just want to play on zynga. i down load these new brosers and they want to add so many other programs that the mess with my computer.. HELP!!!

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