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AnsieVisser  asks
Farm will not load

Battling for 2 days farm will not load. I am losing lots of coins, etc. I have tried Mozilla, Chrome and Explorer. Please help

Vickie64  asks
Game not saving properly.

Complete planting, go to neighbours farms, come back to mine. Everything I planted is gone plus the water and Fertilizer used. Coins & XP not increasing properly.

adrianadegraaf  asks
farmcash not received

I have bought farm cash but not this one. What should I do? so I get them

sonsem  asks
Not loading on Facebook

Not loading on Facebook. Can only play it on Zynga. So my FB player friends can't see my feeds. Please help me so that I can play it again on FB.

Paragshah  asks
Not getting community neighbors

Request to help

MaxxEmbrey  asks
can not login

Why is it telling me to login and then tells me something went wrong.and i keep trying. i just want to play on zynga. i down load these new brosers and they want to add so many other programs that the mess with my computer.. HELP!!!

EdithFrank  asks will not open

Zynga Farmville 2 will not open, will not. There is only a blank page. Does anyone know what happens? I can not see error anywhere. It's not only me, but also some of my gaming friends.

xandzmommy  asks
Peach Lemonade not counting

I have made three or four Peach Lemonade's and my count is still zero. I am trying to get enough for the next expansion but the Peach Lemonade does not count I have even gone as far as selling them and still the count is zeron

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