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Maz1  asks
not receiving e mails

I have been on holiday for 3 weeks and all I can assume is I reached my notification limit. Since Ive been back no requests are showing and no activity is showing by my friends on the right hand side column, how can In reset this

makisig  asks
game not loading

I'm not able to play the game its not loading

sullycat86  asks
Community friends not available?

I hit the button to allow community neighbors and I still can not add them. What's going on?

Neli0702  asks
Not receiving missions

Hi, my friends received a thermometer and prized bunny mission and I still have not. Please, check it out.

nurseratchet  asks
Game not loading properly

the last few days getting oops a daisy errors and game not loading completely. when it does load properly I get oops a daisy error. Very frustrated !!!

EmeraldAngel  asks
Candy not registering

I harvested pumpkins; however it will not let me collect more than 48 candies... what's going on? I lost about six candies because of this.

ginariley01  asks
loading bar not loading

fix my game so i can play farmville 2

jenlittlemac  asks
Notifications not loading

When I click on 'Notifications' to see new friend requests, it just attempts to load, but doesn't actually load.

Navarre  asks
Not getting parts

Hi, I don't normally have any problems getting parts I ASK my neighbors for, but for the last couple of days I am not receiving any parts for my Jay Bird House or the Treasure Chest! Dont know if its relevent but I have noticed that he list of

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