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farmerwil  asks
Not receiving validation email.

Email address correct. Checked junk and spam folders. Not receiving any emails from farmville 2

ssj4femme  asks
game will not load

will not load what happened? can't use my free water?

Aswiney  asks
Completed workshop not working

I've recently finished constructing my workshop but when I click it, it zooms in like the kitchen but there is no list of items to craft to the left. I also can move around my screen and interact with other buildings and animals. When its zoomed

mike1977  asks
Fertilizer Not Showing Up

I am not getting fertilizer from visiting neighbors... HELP!

bhaktishah  asks
Posts not working

When I post for any item in FV2, my friends gets error message that this gift cannot be found and hence I cannot get the item. Please help!!!

ds7643194  asks
not showing raising duck

on the quest number 16 of 16 I have raised 2 and it is not giving me credit what should I do

wdwbooks  asks
Crops not fertilized?

I bought (2) 25 packs of fertilizer, used them on my crops, left the game and then came back to find my crops unfertilized, but my farm bucks are still gone. This has happened before, although at the time I didn't realize it until after I refert

Bonnieg70  asks
Crop dryer not working

newnew111  asks
Friends not in profile

I have asked this so many times I have over 80 friends but only 41 in profile so the ones I want to get rid of that are no longer playing I can not delete!!!!

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