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crazyvalentine  asks
Game not saving

i collected all the materials for the crafting workshop, finished the building and sent out crew request. After a while when i return to the farm, the building is still in unfinished state, and I am asked to collect all the building materials all ove

ndonaghy  asks
Game is not loading.

I load up the game on and it only shows side scrolling bar. Many people are suggesting to use this link: and it will be fixed. Yet when I go to the link it asks personal

kayebeme  asks
Not receiving all requests

My husband plays FV2 on his computer and is a neighbor of mine. When I send requests, he gets them but I do not get his requests. Also, when he posts on his wall, I do not get it (NO BOTTLES). Why is this just an issue with him? How can I fix it?

EdithFrank  asks will not open

Zynga Farmville 2 will not open, will not. There is only a blank page. Does anyone know what happens? I can not see error anywhere. It's not only me, but also some of my gaming friends.

SJ265  asks
Not receiving rubber balls??

I have put out two separate batches of requests for rubber balls, but when clicking to accept them they're not showing up in my inventory.

Paragshah  asks
Not getting community neighbors.

Dear Cynymin, As per your guidance i have tried to play on www., but still i am not getting tab of community neighbor on the top. Requesting your help pls.

Hobbith  asks
Animal barn not finishing

Hello try again to post my help request I'm awaiting 3 mnd when does the animal barn complete? I've put all troughs in there and I still get the request to put troughs in? please again help. And again please help no answer till now put anot

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