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dreamer2017  asks
Fertilizer Not Increasing

I am successfully clicking on the posts to get fertilizer, but my amount of fertilizer is not increasing. I only have 42 fertilizer so I'm not at my limit. Can you help me?

DaniLynn  asks
Fertilizer, not water.

Wondering if anyone else is clicking "Get Some Water" posts and getting fertilizer instead of water. This has been happening for the past 2 days.

sashayez  asks

I have feed all my swans more than 5 times and they are still not becoming prized. Cannot complete quest if they don't what is up

sheila147  asks

zfriends don't click onto any Links

makana63  asks
Farmville2 not working

When I click on Farmville2 play now. It shows all my feed,energy,water but the rest of the screen is a blank green grass canvas? Please help!

jo2645  asks
Rabbits not giving fertilizer.

This is not showing up on my questions and I keep sending this for a week, still doing the same thing. I have 5 rabbits and if I am lucky every now and then I will get 1 fertilizer. Need help now. Thanks so much for your help ASAP.

plsbooks  asks
Help requests not posting?

've been sending out help to finish building and to get items, I get a sent message. Then when my wife logs into her account nothing ever gets posted. Getting very frustrated as I cannot complete any buildings. Please help!

Revonoc  asks
requests not working

When I request items like the toy train cars for the 1st week for the Christmas tree none of my friends can see that I posted the request.

ndonaghy  asks
Game is not loading.

I load up the game on and it only shows side scrolling bar. Many people are suggesting to use this link: and it will be fixed. Yet when I go to the link it asks personal

JazyJas  asks
farmville2 will not load...

the bulldog screen comes up but game does not load

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