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RakEarnshaw  asks
fv 2 not loading

ive been having problems loading fv2 off & on the past few days I just get a blurd grass scene ive restarted pc re done flash cleared my cache & still no go

ladymoonstarDee  asks
farmville2 is not loading

farmville2 will not load, I've done every thing, i even thought it was my computer, but it's not, cause i got on my sisters computer and farmville2 will not finish loading, whats going on....

pepsisue48  asks
duck not received

this is the third animal that I have not received after doing all of the tasks. I turned in all of the rubber ducks and the game froze AGAIN and i did not get the reward!!!

kadybear  asks
Farmville2 will not load

For the last two days I have been unable to load Farmville2. I am so frustrated. I keep getting the page that says I need to update Adobe Flash Player, which I have done several times, but the game still won't load and I still keep getting the s

pnuch  asks
not found buffalo

I completed mission but not found buffalo. Can you help me?

Samplayer10  asks
Neighbors not appearing!

Hi, i waited 24h like they said but my friends aren't showing in my neighbors list. what can i do ?

anonymous996  asks
honeycomb not there

I clicked on the honeycomb and it appeared in the forefront of the game with an arrow over it. My battery died and I had to reset the game. The honeycomb is no longer there but the bee box says I have it. What do I do?

fuqingreuvin  asks
farmville ofer not recieved

i did a promotion for my taxes from turbotax, and i did not get my 45 farmville bucks and i cannot for the life of me find the proper email to contact them about this issue can anyone help me

suzilks1  asks
Water not regenerating

Only goes to 2 and then back to 0 if I feed an animal or move around the farm. very frustrating. please fix asap

Molliemoe  asks
Inbox not working.

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