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marcrom  asks
fv dollars not increasing

I started farmville2 with my original fv dollars but have not received any more after they were fv dollars remains at zero and I am now at level 29.....what's up with that?

shamrockhill01  asks
Animals not producing manure

I purchase animals according to the amount of manure they produce. The Swiss cow is to give 4 manure - and I get 0. The Golden Lace Cochin chicken is to give 3 manure - and I get 0.Those are just the last 2 animals I've bought . What's up w

shortye8301  asks
garlic not counting

um i had 123 garlics sold 60 & i did not get credit for it. sold 3 more because i thought i didnt have enough now im down to only 60 garlics. what happened??

SysHuis  asks
Products selling not counting

I have to sell products (10 pieces) I'm selling verry much but it is not counting. I have to sell 10 pieces to finish teh quest. Can you help me. The quest is called: Verkoopvaria

stefbear  asks
game not loading right

it starts to load and then goes off to a screen message of saying I have the game open in another window. I do not.

commissary371  asks
why items not posting

I have been posting items that I need I have posted them about 5 times it's not working

hedgehog  asks
not getting farmbucks

not getting any farmbucks and no quest coming up since level 20

AlenaNGaugesMom  asks
Kiln helpers..... not helping

I have 3 of the 4 builders needed for my kiln. None of the other offers to help are being applied anyone else have this issue?? If so what did you do, did it just fix on it's own??

kayebeme  asks
Not receiving all requests

My husband plays FV2 on his computer and is a neighbor of mine. When I send requests, he gets them but I do not get his requests. Also, when he posts on his wall, I do not get it (NO BOTTLES). Why is this just an issue with him? How can I fix it?

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