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Stormy52  asks
Can not make feed.

I can not make any feed. The message comes up to make more, but the menu will not come up. The my character is stuck next to the feed mill.

ritzman  asks
not receiving all stuff

I am not recieving all my gifts etc. I am missing flasks mushroom bottles etc

Wegman  asks
Posting not working

When I need an item or want to post a reward it doesn't show up for others to click and help/accept from my page. How do I get this to work?

KimberlyT71  asks
Not receiving anything

I am unable to click on the activity screen and receive anything that people are posting from anyone. Like baby bottles or water orbore bristles.

Shawnessy196  asks
not receiving sugar

I have been requesting sugar for 5 days now and still ****** this is a ploy to make me buy farm bucks forget ****** i don't finish this quest as its an easy one i will quit all things ****** is not the first time that these things are happening

kadybear  asks
Farmville2 will not load

For the last two days I have been unable to load Farmville2. I am so frustrated. I keep getting the page that says I need to update Adobe Flash Player, which I have done several times, but the game still won't load and I still keep getting the s

fairywings64  asks
FV2 will not load

FV2 does not completely load, Unable to play.

AragonZZ2  asks
Windsock not working?

I have posted to receive windsocks to complete the hot air balloon, but I have been stuck at 7 for the past 4 or 5 days. Is this still working? I doubt that no one is clicking on my request after so many days.

clovermayra  asks
not getting prize

why am i not being credited on my 2-2-2 visits to neighbors, or water on my other neighbors

DneIldiko  asks
farmville2 not loading

When they do something? 3 week is not good for the game! :(

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