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blkcatgrl  asks
game will not load

game loading bar stays at half way and wont go further I can accept gifts and help friends but nothing else

shaana  asks
cornucopia not being rewarded

i already submitted this issue,but i didnt get any solution you told me to cntact with support team,i think this is the support team right?without cornucopia i cant complete the task,so please helpe to find the missing item,please.........

japple66  asks
progress not saved?!

I bought a nubian goat, fed it to adult collected milk and finished a quest by crafting and selling. went to a neighbours farm, came back and goat gone, bottles, gone, coins gone and quest not completed along with crops that had been unwithered etc.

marcrom  asks
fv dollars not increasing

I started farmville2 with my original fv dollars but have not received any more after they were fv dollars remains at zero and I am now at level 29.....what's up with that?

commissary371  asks
why items not posting

I have been posting items that I need I have posted them about 5 times it's not working

skystriker2012  asks
Expansion not save.

I've purchase the expansion for the level 11. During the expansion my connection was lost. after reconnecting.. I found out that the expansion was not save. Yet the 50,000 and the required materials was deducted

sugarb  asks
Animals not giving fertilizers

Some give it once in a while, but most do not ever give it, when can we expect this to b fixed?

AlenaNGaugesMom  asks
Kiln helpers..... not helping

I have 3 of the 4 builders needed for my kiln. None of the other offers to help are being applied anyone else have this issue?? If so what did you do, did it just fix on it's own??

shortye8301  asks
garlic not counting

um i had 123 garlics sold 60 & i did not get credit for it. sold 3 more because i thought i didnt have enough now im down to only 60 garlics. what happened??

62 63 64 ... 7,010