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inge123n  asks
not getting xp

I'm not getting the xp from prized crops but also from the animals that are stockt in there stable. And my mother is getting the opposid she went from level 62 to 64 at once and i'm getting no were.

Haljar  asks
Requests not showing up?

Normally the requests pop up as soon as I get in game, but nothing has shown up. The envelope shows nothing, and it won't let me click on it. People have been sending me requests less than a few minutes ago. Please help, it's been going on

CatieC  asks
Farmville2 expansion not working

OK--worked for weeks to complete an expansion--followed up and done everything--now 4,000,000 coins are gone and no expansion. What do I need to do to fix it?

different  asks
Not load game

Refresh page, reset my game please. ı'dont loading game

MsAssman  asks
Not receiving Farm bucks?

I purchased farm bucks via mobile, but didn't receive any in my farmville. My phone credit has been charge and I still dont see any farm bucks?

carlafisher  asks
Animals not producing cheese.

For several days none of my animals will produce cheese. Can not complete quest due to no cheese!

shamrockhill01  asks
Animals not producing manure

I purchase animals according to the amount of manure they produce. The Swiss cow is to give 4 manure - and I get 0. The Golden Lace Cochin chicken is to give 3 manure - and I get 0.Those are just the last 2 animals I've bought . What's up w

PattyH777  asks
Game not saving

I logged out of FaceBook, then when I logged back in my FarmVille2 page did not save everything I had previously done. My trees had to be harvested again. I needed 1 more purple yogurt, which I had collected and got another Highland Cow, fed him bo

Keelac  asks
Medal Missing NOT received..

I have completed each Country fair week since they began and I have not received each corresponding medal. I have also had a goat from the Chilli tickets go missing while trying to place the goat.... :) I enjoy playing this game very much but of l

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