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billiet  asks
game not opening

I am able to see comments and requests on the right of screen. The "top" does show the game selection choices, but Farmville 2 for two days does not open. Help!

firefly57  asks
Farmville 2 not downloading

When I press the icon for farmville 2 it downloads but as soon as I want to play the game is completely freezes and does not me to continue playing the game

NannyMimi  asks
Crop machine not working will not open?

I am not able to get into the crop machine to dry goods would u pls check it out ty

itzsherrie  asks

I have noticed that my animals are not giving me fertilizer after feedings...please fix.

shamrockhill01  asks
Animals not producing manure

I purchase animals according to the amount of manure they produce. The Swiss cow is to give 4 manure - and I get 0. The Golden Lace Cochin chicken is to give 3 manure - and I get 0.Those are just the last 2 animals I've bought . What's up w

SysHuis  asks
Products selling not counting

I have to sell products (10 pieces) I'm selling verry much but it is not counting. I have to sell 10 pieces to finish teh quest. Can you help me. The quest is called: Verkoopvaria

Erkie999  asks
Coins not given

For the 2nd time in a week i didn't received the coins i should have received, instead i received 0 (zero) coins Previous time at collecting my rewards at the country fair, i was rewarded with roughly ****** coins and when i returned to my farm,

gapeachinnd  asks
Not getting fertilizer

Is anyone else having an issue with animals not giving fertilizer very often or at all that used to give all the time?

ritzman  asks
not receiving all stuff

I am not recieving all my gifts etc. I am missing flasks mushroom bottles etc

jbens78  asks
Grocer Points not added

I have been completing all my grocer tasks before the 24 hour limit and noticed that my grocer points are not being added. What's going on? Can someone help with this?

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