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Sonysony  asks
Not Getting prize crops

I can not get a prize crop even after using farmhand help or with neighbour visit and applying fertilizer . Also if I visit a friend, then too I do not get prize crops

my2girls80  asks
Requests not being sent

When I send out a request it shows message sent to the right of the screen. But friends are not receiving them. Also why do I need 2-3x more materials to build things than other people. The trick or treat stand I had to have 30 items and my husband a

sugarb  asks
Animals not giving fertilizers

Some give it once in a while, but most do not ever give it, when can we expect this to b fixed?

amandaw893202  asks
Purchases not working!

A few days ago I bought 20 farm bucks, but only received 10. I even got the confirmation text to my cell phone saying I bought 20! I also bought a golden shovel to double my xp when farming crops. I bought it for 200,000 coins. My coins disappeared

gyrop  asks

okie my game when I get the balls of wool arent being added to the total that are in the baskets at all. has been like this for weeks now is it going to get fixed at all or is there a way to fix it please ty ty ty

AragonZZ2  asks
Windsock not working?

I have posted to receive windsocks to complete the hot air balloon, but I have been stuck at 7 for the past 4 or 5 days. Is this still working? I doubt that no one is clicking on my request after so many days.

statsbat  asks
Workshop not working

everytime I ry to access the workshop it won't let me in and freezes the game. This is happenign in both zynga and facebook

cmathes216  asks
Objects not placing

I am trying to set up a fence for my animals but the fence wont set in the space I need it. There are no obstructions in the way, the fence just wont set it down. Please help. Thank you.

richardcypher  asks
Neighbors not working

this is now week 6 of loosing goods when i sell them and loosing coins. this "limping" through the game is a bit ridicolous, i cant get ANY help with ANY of my in game issues happening or the things i have lost. we were able to email you wi

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