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ladymoonstarDee  asks
farmville2 is not loading

farmville2 will not load, I've done every thing, i even thought it was my computer, but it's not, cause i got on my sisters computer and farmville2 will not finish loading, whats going on....

jenlittlemac  asks
Notifications not loading

When I click on 'Notifications' to see new friend requests, it just attempts to load, but doesn't actually load.

trisha018  asks
Can not expand

Mango Tango Quest - Have all quests done, and at level 20. But I still have to pay $300,000. Coins or 199 Farmbucks. WHY????? Can someone please advise. I am so frustrated with game that I am thinking about shutting it down as in quitting!#$%^&

ramonseals  asks
Peach Lemonade not counting

When will this be fixed?

bigjoescout  asks
peach lemonade not working

I purchased enough water and grow buttons to make the required peach lemonade, then the only way I could expand was to purchase the 9 peach lemonades button on the land expand page. so I was out about 25 FV2 bucks becuase I tried to do it a total of

fiendis1  asks
Requests not posting

Any one else with this problem?? I've tried posting requests for the Deer Nest for the last 2 days with nothing going through. I'm stuck on level 2/8. Requesting Magnifiers (3/5). With only 9 nines days left in this quest I don't thin

sweetsis1970  asks
Game not saving!?

My game is not saving progress and I wanna play! Please help

pollyannaprg  asks
Medallion board not working,.

Medallion board not working,.

rjlocano  asks
Not receiving any mail

When I get into the game usually the first thing that pops up is my mail now I will not load at all, on my fb page it says I have 19 requests.

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