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windsorsolution  asks
whoops-a-daisy error

I am receiving the whoops-a-daisy error after the game loads and cannot stay connected as it always wants to reload to keep farming. This started happening after I updated my flash player.

happy2001  asks
not getting gifts

I am not receiving all of my gifts that are given to me. What do I do?

terrigarvin  asks
Bee All You Can Bee Quest 1/8 Buzz On!

I am not receiving credit for "Harvest 15 Flower crops" and I have harvested nearly 50. Anyone else having this issue?

lola28655  asks
why am I not getting my gifts that people send me please fix this problem

I am not receiving the gifts that I accept missing lots of water that I accepted in my supply box please fix this issue

hawker1  asks
On County Fair had first ribbon working toward second ribbon. Completed quest.

Truck picked up wagon and my player. Went to fair, started receiving rewards then game hung up and lost everything, even first ribbon. Whats up with this????

RooBaRoo  asks
I am requesting for baby bottles, but the request is not received.

Same with crew requests. I know this, because my husband & my Mon are friends on FV 2. What is going wrong? Do they have some settings wron that they are not receiving my requests?

chriskool  asks
I did everything that was said from the response to my first question

i still am not able to complete my task my friends are not receiving my request for items or to help build...please help.

Eliza4beth  asks
Mt Harvest the Bounty won't give me anything.

Every time lately it says "Sorry farmer, that gift is all out of rewards. Click on reward links sooner to get exclusive rewards!" This even happens within minutes of receiving it.

Robbyra  asks
I'm not recv'g any of the fertilizer my friends are sending me. I accept but it doesn't show inv.

I am not receiving any of the fertilizer that my friends are sending me. I accept but it does not show up in inventory

lookluckylady  asks
How do I get help to open my gift box to retrieve any of the gifts that I have sent to friends?

I am not receiving gifts from my friends. I need the gifts that I asked for to accomplish my challenges!

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