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trisannd  asks
Please help

Please help! I'm not receiving any of my gifts from neighbors on Farmville 2....the little white envelope in the upper right hand corner isn't coming up at all.....thanks

jackson2  asks
I am not getting my inboxinfo

Could you please tell me why i am not getting postings from my friends on this cite. They are not receiving my requests either.Is there some kind of a problem? This has been happening since this morning Nov. 23,2012.

phillie2  asks
I am still having problems with Farmville 2. I posted 8 idays ago and have not had a response from

I have posted requests for several items. My time expries and I am unable to finish builings or inventory items. I am also not receiving items from friends.

camrock  asks
Why my game will not completely load correctly?

For several days now my game has not come up completely. I have tried refreshing, I have tried on several computers. I have missed out on missions and my farm is withering. You said you fixed the whoopsy daisy message, well I am still receiving it. C

WTHWTF  asks
Not getting gifts

I have only 6 friends that play this game. It is hard enough to get the quests done. Now I am not receiving my gifts.. This game just like all your others is really starting to suck !!!!!!!!!

Medlass  asks
Why is snow missions not updating? I repeated 1-2 numerous times, I am not seeing 3rd mission.

I am also visiting a lot of neighbors and not receiving water, fruit, and fertilizer like I should. Medals on crafting fair, I have been way ahead of my neighbors in this. I have done over 12,500- 16,000 more points and stagnated in receiving anythi

bobchar  asks
Game Posts/Feeds

Not receiving gifts/materials from friends as in the past. Normally my message inbox would have over 100 notifications. Now I am lucky if I get 2 notifications. Can't complete quests. Please fix this problem. Thank You.

cdougher1126  asks
Problem with visiting neighbors

I am no longer receiving rewards from visiting my neighbors that have medals, it says i should get +2 or +3 food, +2 or +3 fertilizer and I'm not getting anything

simmonssunday  asks
Why can't I get the fertilizer when visiting my neighbors? I only am able to get 10.

I know my neighbors are high ribbon color enough with the county fair for me to collect but am not receiving it.

ellersliegirl  asks
I purchased $****** Farmville Dollars and they did not upload. What is the problem?

I have used your payment plan many times and until today 9/25/2013 have not had any problems receiving the FV dollars - however; I do not want my credit card charged when I am not receiving the FV dollars. What needs to be done by me?

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