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terrigarvin  asks
Bee All You Can Bee Quest 1/8 Buzz On!

I am not receiving credit for "Harvest 15 Flower crops" and I have harvested nearly 50. Anyone else having this issue?

RedSonja23  asks
Game open in another window error message

Keep receiving the following message It looks like you've opened up FarmVille 2 in another window! Please continue to play FarmVille 2 there. I do not have farmville 2 open anywhere else.

camrock  asks
Why my game will not completely load correctly?

For several days now my game has not come up completely. I have tried refreshing, I have tried on several computers. I have missed out on missions and my farm is withering. You said you fixed the whoopsy daisy message, well I am still receiving it. C

hawker1  asks
On County Fair had first ribbon working toward second ribbon. Completed quest.

Truck picked up wagon and my player. Went to fair, started receiving rewards then game hung up and lost everything, even first ribbon. Whats up with this????

didi  asks
Problem with mailbox, notifications.

I have always received between 200-400 notifications a day, now all I get is about 10. Not receiving any requests from anybody and I have over 700 zynga friends.

PatNewton  asks
How are we to collect the daily email reward

How are we to collect the daily email reward if the email link says it has expired 2 min after receiving the email. I think you need to fix your program links and send us all lots of extra gifts.

ellersliegirl  asks
I purchased $****** Farmville Dollars and they did not upload. What is the problem?

I have used your payment plan many times and until today 9/25/2013 have not had any problems receiving the FV dollars - however; I do not want my credit card charged when I am not receiving the FV dollars. What needs to be done by me?

chriskool  asks
I did everything that was said from the response to my first question

i still am not able to complete my task my friends are not receiving my request for items or to help build...please help.

joyous49  asks
when i visit neighbors farms, all of my little lightning bolts ( 8 on each) are used up except 1

and I am not receiving the bonus scores. I clear these each and every day and never leave any incompleted. I want my full 8 helps restored, please!

Rio1211  asks
why i am not getting any updated missions?

when i reached level 18 (completing the missions on the left) ... i stopped receiving any more updates of the missions.. is it normal??

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