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MEnotreally  asks

Not Receiving Water,Fertilizer,Produce (+3+3+3) , or for that matter Anything when Visiting Farms, and ppl not showing in my farm.

sfsasosa  asks
Peach Lemonade Quest

I have made more than the required amount necessary to complete the peach lemonade quest. But am not receiving the credit for it.

enneirda  asks
Missing Fertilizer

I am not receiving fertilizer from my cows, chickems, most of my rabbits and a few of my horses. Is there a way to fix this?

Eliza4beth  asks
Mt Harvest the Bounty won't give me anything.

Every time lately it says "Sorry farmer, that gift is all out of rewards. Click on reward links sooner to get exclusive rewards!" This even happens within minutes of receiving it.

Robbyra  asks
I'm not recv'g any of the fertilizer my friends are sending me. I accept but it doesn't show inv.

I am not receiving any of the fertilizer that my friends are sending me. I accept but it does not show up in inventory

Rio1211  asks
why i am not getting any updated missions?

when i reached level 18 (completing the missions on the left) ... i stopped receiving any more updates of the missions.. is it normal??

PatNewton  asks
How are we to collect the daily email reward

How are we to collect the daily email reward if the email link says it has expired 2 min after receiving the email. I think you need to fix your program links and send us all lots of extra gifts.

camrock  asks
Why my game will not completely load correctly?

For several days now my game has not come up completely. I have tried refreshing, I have tried on several computers. I have missed out on missions and my farm is withering. You said you fixed the whoopsy daisy message, well I am still receiving it. C

elizabethellen  asks
i cannot build either my chicken house or grain house

i have fulfilled all the requirements but they are not showing in the hen house build menu nor the grain house. I am also not receiving the coin for the prize crops or the milk that i am farming.

amh241984  asks
Requests not being sent:

i have sent several requests to my Farmville 2 friends for materials i need to build shelters, spinning wheel, florist bin, fertilizer bin and also farmhand requests-my friends are NOT receiving these requests AT ALL. is anyone else having this isssu

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