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trisannd  asks
Please help

Please help! I'm not receiving any of my gifts from neighbors on Farmville 2....the little white envelope in the upper right hand corner isn't coming up at all.....thanks

cuteZiva  asks
Not able to complete Duck house

Not able to complete Duck house and Rabbit Nursery .I just need 2 duck ladders for duck house and 3 chalkboards for rabbit nursery. Since last three days I keep on posting it but I am not receiving any response . I have lot of zfriends and I don'

Lilyflutterby  asks
Still not able to post for parts needed to finish projects.

Have changed setting to friends still not receiving everything. Some work others don't. This has been going on for several weeks now. What can be done?

myssymouse  asks
unable to send or receive requests

for 3 days now i can not send requests for anything, farmhands, resources , help building ect. i also have stopped receiving requests from friends. i did not change any settings and have confirmed are still the same.

Rio1211  asks
why i am not getting any updated missions?

when i reached level 18 (completing the missions on the left) ... i stopped receiving any more updates of the missions.. is it normal??

banderson22  asks
Unlimited water not giving unlimited water.

Yesterday i was receiving unlimited water, and my farm is still saying unlimited water for the next 13 hrs, and it said it when there was 17 hrs left, but I have not been receiving unlimited water today. How can I fix this?

EarleneWill  asks
Are we all supposed to get the free deluxe sprinkler in the Rabbit Rescue? I did not get it.

Some of my friends are reportedly getting a prize of a deluxe sprinkler after receiving a 70 badges. I have received 114 badges so far and no bonus prize like they are getting.

joyous49  asks
when i visit neighbors farms, all of my little lightning bolts ( 8 on each) are used up except 1

and I am not receiving the bonus scores. I clear these each and every day and never leave any incompleted. I want my full 8 helps restored, please!

MEnotreally  asks

Not Receiving Water,Fertilizer,Produce (+3+3+3) , or for that matter Anything when Visiting Farms, and ppl not showing in my farm.

ellersliegirl  asks
I purchased $****** Farmville Dollars and they did not upload. What is the problem?

I have used your payment plan many times and until today 9/25/2013 have not had any problems receiving the FV dollars - however; I do not want my credit card charged when I am not receiving the FV dollars. What needs to be done by me?

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