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Pioneer Trail Game Guides and FAQs

How To's and other helpful information on The Pioneer Trailfrom Zynga and our players

How to get Hidden Missions

How hidden missions work, how they appear.

[Guide] Hidden Missions

Are you wondering how to get all those hidden missions while travelin' down The Pioneer Trail? Well, look no further. This guide will explain what to look for and what you have to do to get all those pesky hidden missions to show themselves.

Homestead Mission Guides

Have you ever been stuck on a quest or feature?? We sure have!! This is why we wanted to offer you (our players) a fantistic resource for everything "HOW TO" on the homestead! The fine folks over at the official Zynga forum's have put


Learn about quests and how to complete them while on the Homestead

Sheriff Missions

Here is a guide to help if you are having trouble finding Mae's Ring and other Sheriff Missions Issues

Pioneer Trail - We'd like to hear your feedback!

Got something to say about the newest missions? Then click here, y'all!

Pioneer Trail - Decoy Birds not Dropping?

Having a hard time picking out the decoys from the real ones? Click here!

Longer Load Times? Click here!

Experiencing longer than normal load times when new missions appear on the Homestead? Click here!

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