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How to get Hidden Missions

Check here to see how hidden missions work!

Game Guides and FAQs

How To's and other helpful information!

[Guide] Hidden Missions

Are you wondering how to get all those hidden missions while travelin' down The Pioneer Trail?

Homestead Mission Guides

Have you ever been stuck on a quest or feature?? We sure have!! Check here for some Tips!


Learn about quests and how to complete them while on the Homestead

Sheriff Missions

Here is a guide to help if you are having trouble finding Mae's Ring and other Sheriff Missions Issues

How To: Totem Poles Missions

Having difficulties completing the Totem Missions? Please read!

Petra1978  asks
Missions !

How many new missions going to be starting, i have 42 missions, issues with gifts, just asking when i'm going to quit playing

momwendy  asks

I have enjoyed playing Pioneerville but it seems like the missions are long and drawn out lately needing so many items of one thing and I am loosing interest. It is becoming more of a job than a hobby. Is anyone else feeling this way?

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